Moab quotes (from others)

So I’m looking for quotes from the Moab MUniFests from mountain b*kers. I’m sure that anyone that went heard a few, but unfortunately I can’t remember how any of them went. I don’t need names or exact quotes, but it would be nice to get something pretty close to what people said when they saw either one of us or the entire group riding along.
Make sense? Thanks for helping me out!

Just the usual…

“whats a matter, two wheels too easy for you?”

One from a unicyclist: “You can’t make fun of Kris Holm*. He might pedal grab on your head or something.”

*For being late

that made me laugh

So I hate to bump this thread, but it’s already almost off the page, and this is kind’ve important (I’m working on something for the Moab MUniFest). If no one answers this time, I won’t bump it anymore.

There were bikers out there?

At last years moab I met a man on a mountain bike with Kris Holm rims on his BIKE! I told him that Kris was a little bit behind me, and he nearly had a hernia.


Oh yeah, he had the KH 29er rims on his…started with a Z, Zizzy bike or something like that…

Sorry we don’t have many quotes, but all the MTBers said is just the usual stuff, were’s your other wheel, etc. so noone really paid attention I guess.

Oh yeah, he had the KH 29er rims on his…started with a Z, Zizzy bike or something like that…

It was a custom-made frame from Leonard Zinn of Boulder. CO.
The guy riding it was huge (6’9", >300 lbs) and he said those were the only 29er rims he could find that would hold up to his riding.

The only quote I remember was “How do you stop?” I was too tired to apply the necessary sarcasm to the answer.

There was quite a bit of “you guys are awesome!” or “you guys are nuts!”

well its not from Moab but when I go for a MUni i get things like:

What gear you in? and

do a weelie! and

can i ride by? obveously there scared I’ll fall while they ride by :roll_eyes: there lack of faith is disturbing