Moab Pictures

As requested, I now have my pictures up from this year. Please go look at them and leave notes as to who the people are in the pictures. Warning: I took 160+ pictures, and not all are great art. But some turned out very nicely.
Here’s the link:

We can use this thread to link to other Moab pics as they are posted.



Who’s the guy doing drops on the UW??


That’s Brian Hansen (Hanson?). He won the expert category for the Ultimate Wheel (just like last year). I heard that later on he did a 5 foot drop on it (he didn’t land it, but it’s still cool!)

Here’s a link to Steve Howard’s pictures of the event.

where can I get one of those “walther widget” things, I need one of those real bad

Hey guess why my photos aren’t up yet? Because I don’t post every one - I am selective so that you do have to sift through multiple similar photos and don’t have to look through the not-so-great ones. Also I am cropping and doing a little color balancing etc so they look as good as possible.

Even if you “don’t have time” to do this, PLEASE put in captions so people know what they are looking at. This is very useful even for those of us who attended.


Well, I’ve tried to be selective too, and am not posting every shot. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some not-so-great ones.:smiley: Have also tried to include captions, including pleas for help when I didn’t know someone’s identity. Here they are:



Very nice Tom! I like the photo of Beau that has all 3 of us in it - we don’t get many of those. Thanks for taking the time to do nice captions (and posting relatively hi-res).


Eventually I’ll get around to deleting pictures. I just had some people who wanted to see the pics. I need help with some of my captions, as I don’t know who everyone is.

Thanks very much for the photos!

That was unfortunately as hi-res as they’d go in this case…I deliberately dialed it down to try to squeeze more shots out of my puny 32MB memory card. JC helped with a 16MB loaner, but my timing was off. It was a new camera for us, so I didn’t realize how limited the stock memory card would be. I have Big Mem on order now, but could have used it a week ago.

Paco, Steve and Tom, Great Pics. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the notations after the pics, they are really helpful. --chirokid–

I’m pretty sure that the person doing the rolling hop was Justin, unless it was Zack, but Zack was wearing a blue shirt, I think.

I was annoyed the group left when they did during that trials break, because I had wanted to try and sidehop that hop.

Nice pics, Tom.

Hey! Who’s This Guy???

Nice threads!

I think that must be ratherbekayaking?

no its not because idratherbekayking is ed hansen, and thats not ed hansen

Yea that’s Ed, with hair.

My pictures are up! I’ve spared you all about two thirds of them. I think there are 92 in this set on the forums, with captions. Please feel free to comment if you know who somebody is where I didn’t name them.

Eventually I’ll have a much larger set up on Ofoto and linked to my Photo Albums pages, in case anyone wants to order any prints. The pictures in the gallery above are only 800 pixels wide, but the originals are 2240.

More photos!

Here are some more photos of a great weekend in Moab. Thanks so much to Rolf for organizing and everyone who came for being awesome!!