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Hi All,

Just thought I’d share a photo from a recent trip to Moab. This was on a really fun trail called Gold Bar Rim, which is across the valley from the entrance to Arches National Park.



awesome view Kris!!

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)Hi All,
)Just thought I’d share a photo from a recent trip to Moab. This was
)on a really fun trail called Gold Bar Rim, which is across the valley
)from the entrance to Arches National Park.

Just had to outdo Karl Thompson, eh?
Nice shot!

Wow great pic :slight_smile:


Looks photoshopped. :smiley:

There’s always a sceptic.

But from what I know based on watching Kris and his videos, he’s one of the few guys that will never need Photoshop to “help” his pictures.

That is one awesome shot!

Should we call you Krazy Kris now?

unreal man, unreal

From the shadows of the electrical transmission towers he should be illuminated. This is photoshopped.

sounds to me like even the mighty Kris Holm has his limits,

It looks to me like the electric towers have very small shadows, and that the sun is close to being directly overhead. That means he will be mostly in shadow, as shown. The sun is shining on his arm, helmet, etc. Consistent with most of my Moab shots. For him to be illuminated a lot, it would have to be near sunrise or sunset, especially with a helmet with visor.

Why would Kris Holm need to try to fool us with fake pictures? If someone else were offering it up I would be more skeptical (spelled right this time, and better smelling!)

how do u do it?i doubt ill ever be that good

It’s not photoshopped.

However, it was way safer than it looks. The top of the overhang is a broad platform and I just jumped up into the air.

The telephoto lense makes it look a lot closer than it actually was, and I would have had to fallen at least 5 feet sideways to go off the edge. Believe me, I didn’t plan on doing that!


Yeh didnt really think u would of risked ur life for a photo, still a nice photo though, ashame its not really focussed.


Wow! That’s about all I can say.

Awesome photo Kris!! For any Edward Abbey fans out there, his memorial in 87’? was held a couple of miles up that dirt road that winds away from Kris towards Arches. It was located at one of his favorite spots in Arches, away from ALL the crowds and paved roads which have ruined Arches.

Oh well; if you had a whole five feet before plunging hundreds of feet down , I guess we could all do that (yeah right)… Awesome as always KH…

Great Picture! One question, has your wife seen it?

Second… big deal for a world class unicyclist. Try this when you can barely idle. I almost had to have my shorts changed after this photo. For a good unicyclist this would have been easy. For me it was death defying!:smiley:

The stupid things we do for the sake of art. And no this was not photo shopped as my wife will gladly confirm. Dirrect qoute from my dad after seeing the picture “He has always had more balls than brains, and he is pretty smart.” :astonished: