Moab Munifest

So the Official Moab Munifest for 2016 was just announced that it will not happen. I am wondering if there are any plans for an unofficial get together in Spring at all? My wife and I were really looking forward to going so I am hoping there will be an unofficial gathering.

I’m pretty sure there will be an unofficial one. Someone just needs to pick the dates…

Apparently claims it’s April 8-10.

That’s interesting that they had dates scheduled but then having to cancel it. I am wondering if it will be removed from the site at all or if people are just going to plan for that weekend either way.

I just checked that calendar and the MuniFest is already gone. According to that calendar, anyone planning to organize should probably avoid March 19-27, which is Jeep Week. Tons of people in town for that. April 8-10 might be the most sensible weekend, riding that edge between cold/possible snow and possibly really hot. March 18-20 could also work, but is on the earlier side of that.

I love Moab. I’d love to go too, but don’t know if I’ll be able to swing next year. We’re hoping to make it to NAUCC, as well as our Unicon trip, which always includes an extra week or so of vacation.

Funny, when they announced last year that the fest would become bi-annual, I kind of wondered if the end was nigh.

Like the previous Munifest, I think that the new official Munifest will soon be a think of the past.

When they talked about Ride The Lobster being an annual event, at first I though how great it would be. But the night before the race, when we learned just a little of how large and complex the event was, I knew it was very unlikely to be done again in the near future.

Events like that for hundreds of riders are a ton of work to put together. Back when Rolf Thompson was doing it, the group size got bigger than any single food venue in town. 2014 was small enough to fit into the Bar M Chuckwagon, which I guess is still the largest restaurant available. I do hope the organizers will step forward again someday, though I think they might do better in a non-Unicon year (odd numbered years) in terms of attendance, not that attendance is the problem! :astonished:

I still hope there will be at least an unofficial gathering sometime around the end of March or early April. Hopefully others will still be interested and can get a weekend that will work for a majority of people.

Moab Muni

Unfortunately for us its the 25th of March as Augie’s Spring Break is March 26 through 1st. Will have to put up with Jeepers, hope someone can make this weekend.

Yes, here’s a link of our uni event this Saturday, 12/5/15:

Moab Muni Fest on Wikipedia, not

I was looking at the Wikipedia page for Moab since my wife is driving through there as we speak. Down the page there is a link to Moab Munifest but no information available! :astonished:

This is a great opportunity for someone who knows the history (John Foss, etc) to get out there and add details. The more hits available the better our sport is supported.

Moab 2016

Good Morning to all. Regarding an Unofficial Munifest. There seems to be support for an unofficial Munifest but no firm date as of this time. Augie & Lance B. are going to be there the weekend of March 25, 26, 27 & longer during the next week as that lines up with Spring break. Must advise & make note that March 27th is Easter Sunday. What a wonderful place to spend Easter, definitely Gds country. Plus this generally lines up with Spring breaks across the country.

Please if interested & these dates Work for you respond. Depending upon the number of individuals, I will reserve a place for dinner & other refreshments Saturday evening-March26th.

Wikipedia is not a web site, it’s an encyclopedia. If you put information on there that isn’t sourced from credible sources (published in newspapers, magazines or books), it will get deleted.

Those dates work fine for my wife and I so you can count us in. We definitely would like to go when there at least will be a few other riders to ride with so that weekend works fine for us.

There is some discussion about an event on Facebook right now:

Location and dates are under discussion, probably 3/25-3/27 in either Moab or Sedona is my guess.

Sedona would be interesting. I’ve never ridden there. I’ve heard from several people that the riding is good.