Moab Munifest - Where are you staying?

I think the title says it all. I was about to book a hotel room and thought I’d ask around to see where people are staying.

We’re at the Moab Valley Inn, down on the south end of town where Main Street curves.

at home :frowning:

We’re staying at the Holiday Inn, which is…when you first get to town coming from the SLC direction.

Two friends and me are also staying at the Moab Valley Inn.

is it nice and quiet there?
Do they have cable and jaquzzis?

I like the Best Western Canyonlands in the middle of town from last year.

don’t know yet

are most of you checking out (if staying in motel) on Sunday? If so, checkout time is 11am, which means if you’re riding again on Sunday, you’ll have to leave your belongings somewhere else, like the trunk of your car, and then find another place to clean up when the riding is done. That’s why I’m thinking of just staying Sunday night and leaving Monday Morning…although traffic back to Los Angeles might be worse on Monday!