Moab munifest Videos.

Hey anyone who went to the 07 munifest has anyone seen the dew video yet?

Nope, I heard someone say it won’t be finished untill may. But I have no idea.

Since the thread title is videoS, here’s some footage of me. :slight_smile:


yea because I want to see it.


Forrest, your skillls inspire me! Including your hill climbing skills:D .
Damm, you are fast!

The video in my siggy is mostly filmed during the drive back from moab if that counts. haha. the last time i filmed at moab we filmed all the trails and stuff so this year we decided to make a non-trail video. this is just the teaser for another video coming out at a much later date.

ha ha in the beginning of the 180s at the skatepark you can hear one of the adults arguing with Justin about how he couldnt have done it with out a helmet right after he did it. They made him redo it:D

i made a very short vid…
its doesnt have much stuff cause my dad filmed it…

the adult was rolf thomson. I think

I thought it was Cody who didn’t have the helmet… I don’t even think Justin did the 180’s thing.

Maybe I’m wrong?

Yeah it was Justin, you can tell because when he is talking in the vid it is understandable. haha

Cody didn’t have a helmet either though but I think he borrowed one.

Yeah I borrowed Terrys for a couple lines, but it was def Justin talkin(you could actually understand him :wink: