Moab MuniFest roll call/discussion thread

We had a registration is up thread. now i’m making a thread about attending, as in, who is, and how awesome it’s going to be.

I just booked my flight. gonna spend the whole week there regaining my skills before MMF. i’ve been to moab 2x before and loved every second of it, this should be a blast. I’ll be staying at the slickrock camp ground all week, of course. Who else is going? let everyone know in here.


It very likely I will be there.
I hope to meet up with some of you all.

I’m there!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do as far as riding goes, though. I’m still having back problems, so, I’ll see how it goes when I get there. But I will be there.

I will be there (even though I haven’t registered yet). It doesn’t seem like it will be as big this year, in the previous years there’s been a lot more hype in the months before, maybe because registration came out so late? I don’t know how many people register last minute (like me) but at the moment there are 100 less people registered than last year.

I really want to go, but I ran out of funds and have no one to split the costs with anyways so maybe next year.

Knowing how such things go in terms of numbers, I expect we’ll see at least 150 riders and probably more than that. It’s gotten up to 91 with a late start and no publicity.

I’m gonna be there. Like spencer I haven’t registerede yet though. I should do that soon…

Anyway, its gonna be my first time going to Moab and I havn’t ridden in a long time, so I’m gonna have some brushing up to do on my MUni skills. I’m getting there on thursday, so I should have some time to ride a bit before the weekend.
I’m wicked excited though, its gonna be sick.


I’ll be there…

in spirit!:o


I have a lot of other stuff that is taking my money away from Moab.

I regestered…im gonna hit it up! Im bringin Spence lol

I’ll be there.


I’m signed up!

I will be there have been to Moab twice on Mountian bike this will be my first on the muni. I will be there a week before and after riding the trials on a bke (& muni) with the wife.


I’m out.

Knee problems…

just spent 300 bucks on uni so I’m out of cash :angry:

just spent 300 bucks on uni so I’m out of cash :angry:

I’ll also be there in spirit:o

I’m low on funds and for it to be worth it to me, I’d want more uni skill.

I’ll prob do a few challenging rides at the same time, like I did last year.


i’m going!

are you there the week of but before the fest starts? myself and 3 other guys will be there riding and kickin’ it and such. if you see other muni-ers, say hi.

i can’t make it:(

Yes I will be there the week before, will say hi if I run into you guys, I am still trying to decide on taking my KH29 or 24" Torker DX.

No room for them both, also bringing our 2 b*kes as well.

Is Kris Holm going to be there this year? Is he still on the injured list?