Moab Munifest ride sharing from SLC

I just booked my plane ticket!!:
Arriving in Salt Lake City Thursday 3/31 at 10:30AM - then driving to Moab. I should arrive in Moab at 5:00pm (enough time for an evening ride!).
Leaving Salt Lake City Sunday 4/3 at 4:45PM - so I would leave Moab at 9:30AM Sunday.

Is there anybody out there that has a ride to share, or that wants to join me on either of these trips. I found rental cars for $110 for the 4 day period.

-Reid Jacobson
Atlanta, GA

Don’t worry about splitting the car rental fee.
I’d just love to find someone to share the ride with.



I just tried to call but my home phone won’t connect to your #.

Try me at 801.785.8126. Or I’ll try again later from work.