Moab Munifest Ride Schedule

So we are only a week away from the big event…

Looking at the itinerary, it looks like this is a relaxed schedule.
There is the option of a “Coordinate your own” full Slick Rock ride on Friday.
I am up for that! Anyone else? What time to start?
Sunset in Moab this time of year is 7:30-ish so if this is happening, we should likely hit the trail by noon to make sure no-one sleeps out there :-).
Any other takers?

Next is Porcupine Rim on Saturday…
We need to organize our own shuttles.
How many takers for that one?
I’ll have a rental car with room for one more, maybe two…

Good times!


Any recommendations for ‘Industrial grade’ deodorant in a catering pack?
I will likely need it…:slight_smile: