Moab MUniFest hits the big time

The city of Moab is now advertising the Moab MUniFest–billboard seen south of Salt Lake City.

Whatever happened with that video crew that was there last year? We all had to sign waivers, did they ever air that segment?

Kris Holm and Dan Heaton are down there. This is probably the better Moab so far.

Apparently the show, Magnificent Obsessions, aired all over the world. It was shown at the Saturday dinner in Moab (along with a preview of what looks to be another amazing video from Dan Heaton). It was pretty well done. Rolf mentioned that the producers of the show said it could be freely copied. He had DVD copies there that were given away as prizes. Perhaps someone who got one could rip the DVD and post it.


That’s funny. I drive past that billboard every day and I never noticed the part about MMF.