Moab Munifest featured on Park City TV

For those who can get PTV (Park City TV) they will be airing a feature on Moab Munifest 2004.

In the Salt Lake City area it is cable TV channel 3. It is supposed to be on at 10:00pm mountain.

I’m going to make an attempt to capture it and I’ll post the results if they turn out ok.


Has this aired yet and did anyone capture it? I think Rolf was going to have a recording of the program.

It aired last night. I got a capture but it’s presently not fit for distribution. As soon as I convert and edit it a little I’ll post it. It’ll probably be a day or two.


How long was the coverage? Was it two minutes or a thirty minute segment?

It was somewhere in between.

What I got is about 8 minutes long. It was one of three featured sections of a 30 minute show.

One of my PCs is transcoding the video as I type. If the conversion is succesful I’ll have it up tomorrow morning.


Ok, so the video conversion finished and I’ve got a file that’s about 12 Mb (I’m a little disappointed in the quality but it’s marginally acceptable).

When I upload it to the gallery it creates an item in the gallery but the link is broken (see to see the results of my attempt).

Am I doing something wrong or does the new gallery not like .AVI files?

If someone can suggest the “correct” way to get the file uploaded I’ll happily re-upload it.



When I access the link, I get the intro to the story but that’s it. Any more news on a successful capture being available?

I think the intro you are referring to is the short spot that KSL TV ran the same weekend of MMF2004. That video is in the same gallery and the PCTV video attempt.

In desperation I’ve placed the PCTV video at:

Grab it while you can (and upload to the gallery if you can). It’ll only be there for a short while.

I’d be especially interested to learn if anyone puts it up on the gallery since my attempts only resulted in broken links and frustration. :frowning: