Moab Munifest also featured in Salt Lake City Tribune

Moab was great again. Or should I say GREAT!!! I’ll post again once I have photos posted, but I wanted to give you guys this link I found while we were in the airport this afternoon: Saturday Salt Lake City Tribune article

Also, see: Salt Lake City Tribune Thursday Moab article

Here’s another related one: Salt Lake City Tribune Thursday article

It was very cool to talk to people (civilians) in Salt Lake City today who knew that we had 200 people attending a mountain unicycle fest in Moab.


i got interviewed and they took a bunch of pics for that article, but they didn’t put them in. that sucked but oh well.

moab rocked!

I feel your pain, I too was pictured and commented, but alas did not make the cut :).

Did anybody else see the “Welcome Moab Muni Riders” banner that was mounted across the bottom of the Arches billboard on the freeway at about 90th South in Salt Lake City? This has to be the world’s largest ad for a muni event.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

jenn and i saw it on the way home yesterday. definitely cool. i thought it odd that it was directed at northbound traffic, though.
btw, good to meet you. see you when you come to seattle next…