Moab Munifest 2008 Rideshare

I’m planning on going to moab again this year. As usual I will be driving there. I have room for one passenger (or possibly two (with very little gear).

I expect that I’ll camp at the slickrock campground but depending on rates I may choose to stay in a hotel.

I can leave as early as Thursday evening though I prefer to leave Friday morning.

I need to be at work Monday morning so I plan to drive back Sunday after the morning ride.

If you need a ride from the SLC area I’d be happy to provide it. If you are flying in to SLC, depending on when you arrive, I can pick you up there.

I’m not able to keep up with the forum so if you’re interested please call me directly at 801.360.1167.




Last call for a ride from SLC to moab.