Moab Munifest 2008 pictures/videos

Could only make Sundays ride, so ended up mostly riding. Here are a couple of my fav’s.

Getting sucked into the sand vortex

I know its not Moab, but this is what welcomed us when we got home, which turned out to be a Phat Powder day on Monday. My daughter was like “why winter, I want the red dirt” :smiley:

really…no one else has photos?

Nancy took a bunch, too. I bought her a camera so she’d stop stealing mine to take pictures of people. I hate people.

Best biff of the weekend from our group: Chris headed for a full-on face plant.

All your pics look great guys. Moab was a blast. Rolf and his family did a great job setting everything up for us. Rolf is having me put together a slideshow of MMF 2008, and we need your pics. I will give photographer credit, and not use your photos for any other purposes. Rolf sent out an email Monday about it. I can forward to you if you did not receive it. It will be an awesome slideshow of the whole MMF community, so please share your photos! Go to and click on “Read this letter” from Rolf in the blue message box.

Thanks for your support of this fun project!


Any forthcoming videos?

Hopefully they are still being edited :o

i have a few crappy clips to mabye make something out of. but who knows. i bet others have much nicer vids.

I rode slickrock friday. It was great despite the extra wheel.


I’ve got mine up!

On Slickrock on Friday we ran into and rode along for a while with Bill Hatcher, a pro photographer; he sent me mid-rez versions of his shots and said we could put them up for personal use.

They’re up on Flickr.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Got PF for JC.

Cool pictures, but your captions all say 2009

here’s another
no respect:o but enjoy