Moab MUniFest 2006 photos, and eventually video

I’ve got my photos of Moab up and captioned. I took a decent number of photos of riding, and then went out to the Slickrock practice loop on Sunday at sunset and took a buttload of scenery shots. I threw out more than half of those, but there are still a whole bunch of shots too good to part with.

I’m also working on a video. I wasn’t able to do much filming of the top riders (it’s hard enough keeping up with them without trying to take pictures and video too). So, the movie will not be unicycle porn; it will be slower-paced, trying to capture some of the Western wildness of the place, as well as some of the feeling of being on the trail with all these different people. It’ll take me a while to edit it still.

Next time, please try and search for threads that are already created that you could add to instead of creating a new one. There are already 3 or 4 MOAB 2006 picture ones…and it’d be so nice if everyone could post on one thread vs. everyone starting a new one everytime they have MOAB pictures cause then we’d have like 20 threads just on MOAB pictures. Thanks in advance and sorry to outlash on you in particular! :slight_smile:

Pure fear of starting a new thread has driven me to post my video from the munifest at my blog. :slight_smile:

Next time, please try and search for threads of whiners who complain about there being too many threads. There are dozens of them.

For good reasons! I don’t want to get in an argument with you but next time please search first, OK? It’s a simple thing to do and lots of people would appreciate it is all.

Nice pictures by the way! I like the ghost uni’s.

Hey Tom, thanks for posting this thread. I had been avoiding the various moab photo threads due to time constraints and all the white noise, but when I saw one under your name I went right in since I know you take good photos.

PS: Thanks for taking the time to caption, too. It definitely adds value.

PSS: I especially like the shot of Louise still climbing while the b*ker and other unicyclists are pushing 'em behind her. The Schoolteacher!

Thanks, glad you liked them. I definitely think it’s important, as a photographer, to delete at least half of your photos, and caption the rest, if you want to be perceived as any good.

Louise did some great riding, all weekend.

Too bad we don’t have one single thread for Moab photos - let’s make sure to do that next time. I had a great time again - my 4th Moab Muni Fest. I took a few photos and one little video - check 'em out here:


cool pictures tom!


Great photos, Nathan.
And yes, it would be nice if everyone posted albums in one thread.

Re: Moab MUniFest 2006 photos, and eventually video

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006 15:08:15 -0600, nathan wrote:

>Too bad we don’t have one single thread for Moab photos - let’s make
>sure to do that next time.

It should help to give that thread a very good subject line. Maybe:

“Moab MUniFest 2007: all pictures and videos IN THIS THREAD please”

Thats a perfect/great title!

I’m pleased to announce that my Moab movie is now ready!

It’s titled “Moab MUniFest 2006, (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)”, and like the movie which served as inspiration, it’s slow-paced and moody. It’s much more about the landscape and the event than it is about unicycle riding, per se; anyone who was there will appreciate the wide range of riders shown, but there’s not a lot of high-end riding.

Right now there are two versions, both QuickTime h.264; the high-quality version is 119MB, the low-quality is 16MB. Watch the high-quality if you can, it’s a lot better. I may put up an MPEG 4 version if I can get decent quality out of the size I want.

Both are located in my Moab gallery.

Awsome, this vid has ALOT of the riders…Allthough it was funny how the camera just coinsidently zooms in when female riders are in the frame :wink:

Hey, I zoomed in on plenty of ugly guys, too.

I just uploaded a slightly tweaked version; the changes are in your section, to make the moves work better with the music, so you might want to check it out.

Fans of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly will also note that the new edit is more true to the climax of the original.

Lol I woudlnt konw about hte music, my sound card doesnt work lol. DId you tweak any of the footage as well?

Not really, just used a little more slo-mo.

Re: Moab MUniFest 2006 photos, and eventually video

On Fri, 14 Apr 2006 10:43:28 -0500, tholub wrote:

>Right now there are two versions, both QuickTime h.264; the
>high-quality version is 119MB, the low-quality is 16MB.

I tried to play the low q version (both directly and after
downloading) but I have only audio. It seems to try and download
something (a codec?), then complains that it isn’t available from the
Quicktime server.

What to do?

You might need to install QuickTime 7.

I’ve also uploaded an MPEG4 version which might be helpful for some people.