Moab MUniFest 2004 roll call

I started a thread last year right after the Moab MUniFest, asking who was going to come again. Now that it’s closer, there actually is an official list up (yes, Rolf updated it). Go to the official 2004 Moab MUniFest Website to find out who’s planning on coming. If you’re not on there, send Rolf an email (he had some computer problems, so might have lost your info).
Two months away and counting!


(just thought I’d repost one more time)

Team is going to be there. We’re gonna drive all the way from MA, with a stop on the way to ride (snowboard) some powder in Winterpark CO. It’s gonna be a wicked fun trip. There’s no way I’m gonna miss Moab this year, after sitting at home last year watching those pictures come in.


I’m gonna try to make it.


Less than 55 days 'till Moab and already 43 riders have indicated they’ll be there.

Check out this list of names here. Some notable folks will be there though there are some names missing from the list that I would have expected.

If you haven’t let Rolf know that you plan on being there you might want to drop him a note at zadig [at] engineer [dot] com.

It’s by no means required (I think that there is no “official” registratin). But, it’s fun to see who’ll be there. And it probably helps Rolf know how many T-Shirts to plan for.



:smiley: i can’t wait!:smiley:

im already signed up. it sounds so fun. I’ve ridden my bike at slikrock tones of times but never on a uni.

I’m planning on driving from Oakland, CA in my 98 Tacoma. I’m looking for a passenger looking to go the whole time and split gas. Anybody interested?

(maybe two if someone is desperate enough to ride in the ExtraCab)