Moab MuniFest 08 Registration is open

I just noticed that MMF 2008 Registration Forms are now available!

You need to register before March 9th to get the cheapest rate.

Looks like the trail lineup is gonna be a good one. I loved Amassa Back and Moab Rim Trail in 2005.

See you there!

Forrest Rowell

Party on!

Thanks for the alert! My check is now in an envelope. Make your plans, people!

finally MMF is on a three day weekend. possible something.

when will the next moab 2009 date be available?
I would like to go … but I must prepare my trip a looooooong looooong time before (due to constraints with my job) knowing this I’d say 4/5 months before is a must .thanks

Rolf set the dates for MMF 2008 way long ago. When I was deciding whether or not to go on Uninam I just asked him about the dates. I think that was back in June.

See you guys next month in Moab!


i’m pumped. i’m 99% sure i can make it this year. but i’ve done moab a few times outside mmf. amasa is one of my favorite trails ever.