moab muni fest trials/street ride

Ok, I’m trying to start a organized trials ride on friday before the saturdays/sundays rides. Since friday is going to be hit and miss due to arrival times of different riders, it would be fun to do this right before the actual weekend starts. I know many people will be bringing their trials unis and will be wanting to do some trials. The biggest problem we have is that not everybody will be staying at the campground, making it harder to organize. I heard of a nice park on the way to moab that sounds promising for this particular get-together. I guess the people from the camp ground could go around and tell riders about it and those people could go to the hotel that everyone else might be staying in. I know myself and many others will be staying at the Best Westren Canon Lands Inn. If anyone has any better ideas that would be awesome.

I’ll come and a friend i’m bringing will come also. I wanted to go to that park last year and never had a chance. It will be fun to mess around there this year.

EDIT- I suggest you email Rolf and ask him to put something on the main page about it. That way it will be a little more official and more people would see it, seeing as not all unicylers use these forums.

Yeah,id go.But if its not “offical” and we dont know who or were or what time,my dad wont want to go if he doesnt know anyything about it.

We’re staying at the holiday in express.

Well we need to figure out some times where we can meet.

I think I might be staying in the same hotel as you. That would be sweet. I plan on bringing my trials, but I might not get there untill late night of friday(around 10-12 at night).

As I said in the moab thread, I’d like to do it. I think I’m bringing my trials. (crap cranks and all)

Well I guess we will have to figure this out. Does friday around 1:00 sound good to everyone.

It does to me, its a good time too, but maybe 2:00 sounds a little better. We could discuss a time later on, what we really need to know is how we are going to get everyone together. I’m thinking that we should just set a time, and a place and hope people will show up (if they see this thread). I dont exactly know where the park place is, but that is where everyone should go. If anyone has any info on this park that would be great, feel free to post a map to get there, or its location.


142 riders signed up with a week to go is incredible, considering that some are going to just show up without registering. Big problem is getting to meet everyone. No way to do it, really. This is going to be awesome!

yea, that’s true.

I my other people (the ones with the car) don’t do trials, so I might have to hitch a ride with somebody else who’s camping.

I bet there’s going to be over 200 riders this year. It’s gonna be HECTIC.

Unicycle Burning Man, anyone?

I’m camping so we might be able to get you a ride but i don’t know if we will have room.

When is the already planned group trail ride on friday?Is there one?

I was under the impression that there wasn’t going to be a group ride on friday…

I really don’t know though

About half way down.

It says they are meeting at the moab rim trail head at 1:30 pm.

Ok, I guess I didn’t read it. That might change my plans, since my family isn’t gonna want to go on a trials ride. I think i’ll probably end up going with them.

Yeah,same with me.Looks like ill just have to see when we get there.

reading that, I think the friday ride is going to have a bunch of cool trials stuff anyway, and we’re going to stop and play on stuff. So, I could just MUni it on my trials… I’ve done that enough before.

I think we are doing the slickrock practice loop on friday like last year. Just ride your trials uni on the practice loop considering its only like a mile and its full of trials things to do.

I think that’s my new plan. I’ve done more than 4.5 miles on my trials. (hey, it rhymed. whatever.)

Ok so I guess thats the new plan. Bring your trails unis for slickrock practice loop:)