Moab Muni Fest 2014

Post sweet pictures and video from Moab here!

Here’s a sweet video by John Lesage (LS3 Aerial) to start it off:

Thanks again to Jon Davis for bringing back the munifest!

Wow that’s awesome! Amazing aerial photography.

Yeah! That is awesome!

I laughed at the shot of Jacob with dirt on his teeth.

Very nice! Landscapes, atmosphere, riders - everything is perfect!
I need to join one of the fests some time…
Brakeless Max - priceless :smiley:

Wow wow wow! I was always dreaming of Moab, now I know it is one of the Muni must be places like Elsbet/Grisha.

Great video!!!
Lovely to wach…mgreat drone shots!
Some muni skills guys… is there something similar in europe?


Who were the rider in the vid? I recognized a few; Max(white XC helmet & knee only 661 pads), Jacob Spera (black clothes & frame, white full face, red rim), & KH (white xc helmet, yellow shirt).


Yay, I made the cut! I was the last rider at the end right before the hot tub scene. Definitely the coolest video I have ever been in. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of GoPro experiments, but they didn’t turn out so well, and many were from hikes and not uni-related. I also was pretty tired for the second half of porcupine and didn’t end up shooting anything. Better luck next year!

Was so much fun to ride with everyone. I’ve forgotten almost everyones names already, sorry! It doesn’t mean I didn’t like you though :wink:

Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers!

Special thanks to John Foss and Jamey for saving me with some gatorade during my energy bonk at the end of porupine rim. I’m glad your tube blew out, cuz I needed that! I was in a pretty miserable state of fatigue and those electrolytes really perked me up!

Should I drop in?

Yup, I had to pose with the upside-down uni.

Exploring delicate arch.

I see you (white xc helmet, knee only pads) I thought that was Max at first because he had the same thing (should have caught the different shirt).

Did I see Ryan Kremsater? [Black xc helmet & bright yellow shirt (kind of his trademark)]

Claude and I got an early start on Porcupine Rim. Man, what a blast that trail is :smiley:
Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Chuck

was wearing a black full face with a red shirt. Such a sweet video that john filmed and put together!

Massive thanks to the people who put moab munifest together! I had such a great time :slight_smile:

Those were great videos. Riding around the eg\dge of the canyon wouldn’t be my idea of fun…
Must have been an amazing weekend.

Fantastic riding KH team. Always inspiring!

Yeah jeez, I guess I have to start wearing yellow agin so people can recognize me.

Yeah Moab was a lot of fun, It was super awesome to meet everyone finally. John did a terrific job on the video and was a lot of fun to work with, and then Max compiled another sweet video!; Thanks guys =)

Hopefully its on again next year!

Looks like a lot of fun. I don’t think I’d have the guts to do some of that stuff. :slight_smile:

That would be helpful :roll_eyes: Or poster of the vid to show riders w/ names & when they change clothes:o

So was that you w/ the red maple leaf shirt and black & white 661 helmet?