Moab MUni Fest 2005

The Moab MUni Fest will be held Friday April 1st through Sunday April 3rd this year in Moab, Utah. With around 130 riders last year the BLM started to take notice of our event and is now requiring event insurance and a modest per day use fee. Working out all the issues has been tough but is now done.

With BLM help, we’ve secured a huge campsite adjacent to the Colorado river which can easily accomodate 150 happy campers. Everything is in place for a wonderful springtime escape to the beautiful red rock landscapes of Southern Utah with daily MUni rides that will take your breath away (a double entendre). For those MUni riders who’ve come in the past its a huge experience, one that is never forgotten. If you have interest in this year’s event please check out the newly (read finally) updated website below. Three compressed pro videos made of last years event have been posted along with a wealth of new information to help you with your plans.

This year’s event is also exciting in that Adrenalina TV is talking about filming all three days. Wow, finally. The sport of MUni is definitely taking off. Moab is where it all happens, Hope to see you there…

Contact info:
Rolf Thompson
(801) 870-5949

…and there was much rejoicing!

Awesome. Thanks Rolf for all the work in getting this organized!

The filming sounds especially sweet. I just read an articel on moab in national geographic, and they didn’t have unis in it!

Moab MUni Fest 2006?

Moab MUni Fest 2006?

I think the coming April will be in 2006, but I might have missed something.

Are dates correct?

We were at California Muni weekend in Santa Barbara, and are hoping to make it to Moab, but the dates look peculiar… In 2006, the 1st of April is a Saturday. :thinking:
(What we are really hoping is that it will happen in the following week so that it coincides with the kid’s spring break, but now maybe we are pushing our luck)

Will the real Moab dates please stand up!

this is the moab dates from last year. The new ones haven’t been anounced yet, because they haven’t planned them yet. I’m not really sure when the announcement gets made, really.

Ask Rolf Thompson. Look at and e-mail him.

Oh wait, he listed his contact info right up there.