Moab Movie

here is a compilation of the best of our Moab footage. Enjoy!
19 MB 9 minutes

it doesnt work…

that was really good!!
Like Spencer’s movie, it made me wish even more that I could have gone…oh well, next time!

Argg, I’m gonna have to edit my own stuff…

You have to download movie, and have something that can play quicktime files…

I only got the sound to play, I am downloading quicktime again and maybe it will be a newer version or something that will work.

Ya, only sound for me too.

My download thingy didn’t work, does anyone know where I can download a new version of quicktime for free?


Sweet Vid! I liked it, and I was actually in it :stuck_out_tongue: !

Everything I did in that was LAME-O. Yeah, sweet vid though. I was Just awful.:smiley: :smiley:

VLC player covers it…

I’ve heard roumors that quicktimeplayer comes with an awful virus…
Called itunes! OMG!

Ontopic: GREAT video!
I love seeing all those munieers at once!
Too bad i live at the wrong side of the pond…

Who is the guy allmost making it up the stairset? And a whole lot of other clips aswell…
Some nametags in the video wuld be great :wink:

sweet vid man, I regret not going… Im guessing is was kh doing that huge drop right ?

Nope. That was Joey Cohn.

I can’t make it work either… and I have quicktime…

Hi, I am Fuego’s brother.

The reason some of you can’t watch the vid is I used H.264 compression on it which means the download is smaller then it would have been if I had used MPEG-4 but you have to have the latest version of Quicktime for it to run.

I am the one who almost made it up the stairs in the movie. Later on I did make it all the way up but my dad didn’t have the camera on at that point. He also missed Spencer and someone else doing crankflips off the cliff on the other side of the stairs and several people trying to glide down the stairs.

hey Fuego what guy were you I probably did meat you but I have forgotten

Very well done. The sound quality was great, and watching something that’s been edited is so much nicer! Just a little sad I wasn’t in it (even in the background).

BTW, it played just fine for me, with very little delay in fact. But the icon for the file, on the download page, appeared to indicate a broken link. (Way to go Mac!)

That was awsome! I was wondering the same thing when I saw it. You looked a little like Maestro8, but who can tell under those helmets? Anyway, you should create your own identity now; you’re a rider in your own right. Yo don’t need to be either a cartoon bear or a great rider from France.

I think the issue is with the Gallery software, not with the Mac; Gallery sometimes isn’t able to extract a thumbnail frame from a QuickTime movie. You can take a still and use it as the thumbnail to at least make it look better.

QuickTime with the h.264 codec is a much better format than most of the videos that get posted here with Microsoft-only codecs.

What?! :astonished: