moab & men's fitness photographer

Thought a few of you might be interested in this link to some cool moab pics taken by Gerald Bybee - the photographer from Men’s Fitness. If the layout for the last photo in the series is for the mag… that is cool! (great color)

Too bad he didn’t take very many pictures.:smiley:

I think it will take 20 minutes before the last one loads. I will have to look at it at home were I have highspeed access.

It’s kind of fun to slide the scroll bar accross the bottom and watch the movie.

oh oh oh. whats this frame that kris is using on a 20? Is this something i missed out on cause i wasnt at moab?

And why all the open mouths? Yelling contest?

There are some crazy pics in there. thanks guys!

Somebody actually took more pictures than me! :astonished:

Thanks very much Teresa for posting the link! I wonder if those shots are intended for public consumption?

I’m picturing the conversation between the photographer and subjects:
“C’mon, it’s not that cold. Take your shirt off. You have nice muscles!”
For John Sapp: “Hey, you’ve got to start getting your tan at some point…”
For Karl: “Okay those were great. Now could you jump off this rock 150 times?”

Seriously, Karl, John and Kris should have gotten modeling fees for all that work. It looks like the photographer had a type of shot in mind, and worked very hard in getting lots of samples. Was it a woman? whoever it was sure liked bare chests. Naked guys in the air, making funny faces. At least everyone but Karl had their head covered, but some of Karls images are the best.

Got to get me a super-wide lens. Those make for really dramatic shots!

Oddly, the “acting” didn’t look right on Kris. I think this is because we’ve seen so much of him doing amazing stuff, so we know the expressions are forced. Karl looked right at home with it though.

That last shot says “FPO” on it, which means For Placement Only. Clearly a layout, but not necessarily the final version. It definitely looks to be a cool article, even if the opening spread shows a naked Kris Holm plummeting to his death! :smiley:

The frame Kris was riding is one of the new prototype frtames for the Kh 20. He’s going for the lowest profile crown he can get. All I can say is more power to him, and when it’s done, I want one.

Ok, Highspeed much better. Definitely some high quality photos. I still couldn’t look at them all, I started getting a headache!

Well in addition to getting the top riders to disrobe, I’m glad he clicked a few candids at fins n things. I like the two of my son when he was doing the timed downhill competition.

A bit of redemption for all the unnatural posing :sunglasses:

That is a lot of pictures. --chirokid–

Re: moab & men’s fitness photographer

Maybe this has already been posted but the June issue of Men’s fitness is out, with the article on MUni. Lots of great comments about Karl Thompson, no major innacuracies except the quote about speeds averaging only 2 miles/hour on trails.


Chris needs a tan. You need to spend more time in southern California Chris. :smiley: Come ride with the guys in Santa Barbara more.

Re: Re: moab & men’s fitness photographer

Yah, if you did the math, I bet a group the size of what we had on the Amasa Back Trail on Sunday, I think you’d find out that 2 mph is perhaps an exaggeration of our average speed! :slight_smile:

Got to check out a June issue of Men’s Fitness!

I bought the issue yesterday. It was sooooo embarrassing to thumb through those magazines at the store and then take it up to the cash register. It almost felt like I was trying to by a Playboy or Playgirl.

Don’t make the mistake of thumbing through Men’s Health first. That’s not the one, but there’s lots of sex tips in there. You want the June/July issue of Men’s Fitness. Grab it. Stuff it quickly in your shopping cart. And don’t let anyone see you loitering in front of that section of the magazine rack. Then hide your embarrassment when the checker rings up that particular purchase.

Isn’t that way Wal*Mart is open 24 hours a day and has self service check out?

I didn’t think of that! That solves half the problem.

Some great photos. Out of interest did anyone who was there notice the camera he used?

Also a question for Kris, did the photographer ask you to open your mouth when in mid air? Or is this a secret technique to get more air :wink:

Cheers, Gary

Both the expression and the fact that I neither Karl nor I have a shirt on were requests by Men’s fitness. It was actually really cold and when not shooting I had a fleece on!


Can I borrow yours then? Oh, and where can I get a copy of Men’s Health?

It’s at Freddie’s (FredMeyer). What irks me now is that Freddie’s has a self checkout lane. If I had been thinking I could have avoided the embarrassment at the cashier. :roll_eyes:

Excuses, excuses.