Moab-Left KH gloves in a tree!

Just got back from Moab MF, what a blast, but left my new KH Pulse gloves and North Face boots in a tree in front of cabin 14 in the Slickrock campground. Can anyone contact someone still there and see if they can find them? Jamie in camper next to the cabin is coming back to So. California where I live and could get them back to me. I appreciate any help on this.
Thanks, Jim.

Isn’t it annoying when this happens?
I normally leave my gloves on the roof of my car.
Lost two pairs that way.

I’m bumping this thread. I have left messages with John Foss and Rolf and the campground so hopefully someone will find them. If not, I’m thinking about different gloves, I like the KH but they are kind of hot. Any suggestions?
By the way, I changed my name from jrdugueod to Munivision.

I’m bumping this again in case some riders are just getting back. If they don’t show, I’m thinking of the triple 8s.

Sorry jrdugueod, I didn’t get your message until I got to the airport yesterday. Things were pretty hectic there (I had to buy my gas at the rental co.'s price, TSA took my spray-sunscreen, etc.) so I forgot to get back to you. Unfortunately I did not stay at the campground so don’t have a recommendation beyond what you’ve already done (assuming it includes contacting the actual campground management).

Best of luck, I hope your things find their way back to you!