moab hydration idea?

I use the Camelbak “Rim Runner”. It’s a big bag that hold lots of stuff + the 100oz (3 liter) bag.
last year I had to ration my water on the 2nd half of the slickrock trail, so I have since added a 2nd 100oz bag. I have gone on rides that I used all 200oz, so I strongly recommend taking a 2nd bag. If I get half-way though a ride and don’t need the extra water, I sometimes dump out some of the extra weight, (after I offer it to any thirsty others), but I always start with a little extra just in case. Remember, there is NO natural water along the slickrock trail. If you run out, you may be screwed.

About the Rim-Runner: The pack has a compartmented outer pocket that is large enough to hold all my tools and extra parts plus a large back-pack pocket that will hold clothes/gear, food, and an extra 100 oz bag of water. That is my warm weather set-up. I have been on rides that I have used all 6 liters of water. It’s only heavy when I throw it on my back. I really don’t notice it when I’m riding. Oh, yeah, there are also mesh pockets on both sides that will each hold a beer. :slight_smile:

The inside pocket wlll hold my: helmet, KH leg/knee armor, gloves, wrist guards, shorts, sox and shirt.

When I put all that crap on to go for a ride, you can sinch it up and it’s not bulky.

I also use the blowfish. On downieville (15 miles, 4000’ dh, 1000’ uh) it was rather cool, but I still emptied all 100oz about 3 miles from the end. Luckily, I had the foresight to bring an emergency 8oz crystal geyser bottle and a 16oz gatorade. The 8oz lasted me till the end of the day. I seriously reccomend bringing an extra bottle of water that’s at least 8oz. Camelbacks will be going well till the last drop, but, being empty will suck. I often don’t know I’m out until I’m absolutely dry, and the extra bottled water is a lifesaver so I know exactly how much I have left and also so I know if I need to ration. For moab I may get and extra 50oz bladder, but more likely I’ll just bring a few water filled 20ozers and a 16oz gatorade.

–El Gerbel:)

The rat actually can go longer without drinking water. So maybe it should be see the rat be the rat?


What’s also nice about bringing the extra sport bottles versus an extra bladder is you can freeze the suckers beforehand, then let it melt slowly during the ride. In the process, it keeps the water in your bladder cooler as well. And should that ankle-twisting rock snake attack you out on the trail, you have ice along for the ride rather than waiting to get back to Aspen Mike’s first aid hut in the parking lot.