Moab Highlights thread

Well im seeing more and more photos emerge from the spectacular event. Along with a great shot of the “helmet story”. This event only happens once a year, so lets talk about it, what was your favorite moab highlight? Be it something you did, something you saw, or just something funny that grabbed your attention…

A definite highlight would be this thread…

My personal favorite riding moment was on Jackson’s Trail (the singletrack down from Amasa Back, also known as “Death On Your Left.”). There is one segment with a ton of exposure, with a complex double-drop, about 18 inches onto a rock and then maybe a little less than three feet down to the trail. Chris and Lloyd had just hopped down it, but I hate hopping, so I looked at it for a bit and then rolled it solidly, first time.

That highlights my other favorite thing about the trip, which was that I helped encourage three Berkeley folks who had never been to Moab to come along, and all three of them did a ton of great riding and had a lot of fun. Everyone did stuff that they didn’t think they could do; that’s what Moab’s all about, getting opportunities to push your limits.

And, of course, just getting to see and ride with a bunch of folks who’ve become good friends over the years. This was my sixth MMF and I can’t wait for my seventh!

Highlights for me include:

The large group gladiator contests at the skatepark on friday, a lot of fun with that many people.

Dismantling unicycles, and riding trials at the campground with Spencer, Phil, and Joseph (and Amberly)

Passing clubs in the park, and other juggling fun stuff.

Seeing people I’ve met before and meeting so many new people I couldn’t keep track of who was who half the time.:stuck_out_tongue:

  • Uni basketball friday evening with some really great riders.
  • Amassa Back (what a great ride!)
  • Riding back down the moab rim trail with John Foss (what a nice guy).
  • The generosity of all the attendees when a unicycle was stolen from the parking lot of a local hotel.
  • Everything else.


I gotta say I loved the Lemming race! And watching the big guy carry that camera all the way to the top of the trail! Oh hehe, and finally landing that crankflip down the halfpipe!

Of course the generosity of all you folks for funding my new uni. But also getting a chance to ride with such great riders like Nathan and Beau Hoover, Seth, Josh, John and Gilby to mention a few. The Moab Rim Trail was probably the best ride I’ve ever had and Amassa Back was a close second

Riding highlight:
Coming down the giant “ramp” at the end of the Moab Rim, I made it from top to bottom with only nine dismounts, and only two little spots I couldn’t figure out how to get through. Nine may sound like a lot to some of you, but success was building upon success in my mind, making me better as I got further down. When what I expected was to run out of leg-braking power pretty fast (my Wilder doesn’t have brakes)

People highlights:

  • Seeing old friends again
  • Making/meeting new ones
  • Traveling with the Hoovers; what a great family to spend time with!
  • Also riding the Moab Rim with MGrant; we were the last unicyclists up there, apparently. Thanks for taking my pictures, which I’ve yet to download… :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Being in the right place at the right time to be able to give Rolf some ibuprofen out on the trail after he’d hurt his ankle
  • Making people happy with my old T-shirts :slight_smile:


  • Starting each day pretty fresh instead of sore! (training pays)
  • The “flying T-shirt” at Amasa Back
  • Near-perfect weather (and no rain!)
  • Winning the Bill Gilbertson Photo Package when there were hardly any substantial prizes left :smiley:

Thanks again to the Thompsons and all the other volunteers who worked hard to make another successful Moab Muni Fest! I’ll post in the other thread when my pictures are up…

-Sixth MMF, my how it has grown
-Sleeping under the stars, on the red dirt
-Chillin with my daughter
-Moab Rim’s downhill(s)
-First time in shorts since November
-hiking up Moab Rim with the Film Crew (when asked if I could carry anything, they responded “NO”), and mostly appreciating their appreciation for the Moab area.
-Meeting new friends and hanging with old friends

Rolf, Janeen, and Family, THANK YOU:D

I’m going to have to go with buying a coker, nightly beer drinking around a fire lit with WAY to much white gas, and passing fire on a giraffe for the film crew.

There was also a sweet dust storm on Sunday night, but I think only a few people were left for that.

Oh, and doing Amasaback on thursday AND saturday! Wooh!

Seeing Krazy Karl was a sight to be sure!

but my favorite part was learning a new trick, and bringing my friend, who hadn’t been to a munifest before. His face was priceless when we first arrived at the skatepark, he was awestruck at how many unicylists there were, and just stood there staring lol

lmao my dog just jumped on my lap and it reminded me…a HUGE highlight for me would be going to the pound and getting a Moab dog!

Lol i like that pic.

On six consecutive days I snowboarded the canyons by Park city, dirt biked castle valley, mt biked/munied slick rock, munied Amassa, munied Moab Rim, and finally got deep powder and skied on Monday at Snowbird.
This was my only injury the whole week… it’s a good highlight!

Maybe I hurt it on this vid…dunno