Moab for Spring Break?

It looks like we’ll be in Utah for a week in mid March, probably going to mix it up with skiing out of SLC, then head to Moab for some riding. Anyone planning on being in Moab to ride?

What can we expect in Moab this time of year? I’ve never been to Moab, so I have no idea where to stay or where to go…

There are lots of hotel choices right in town. You have to ride the Porcupine Rim trail. It is an awesome trail with spectacular scenery. You can do it as a shuttle. The distance depends on where you start. If you get shuttled up to the rim it is about a 13 mile ride with a drop of about 3000 feet of elevation. Of course you also need to ride the Slickrock trail. Very steep ups and downs. You will use your brake a lot.

My buddy suggested going South to St George as an alternative to Moab, says it’ll be warmer and the riding is just as good…

Still waiting on the missus to clear her schedule, but we’ll be in Utah so for anyone who’s going have some time free to ride, let’s meet up!

I will either bring my 29er or my 26guni

If it is still considered the “off season” the hotels are super cheep. I was in the campgrounds for over a week, but spent my last night in a hotel. A room that would have cost $180 in summer was $35. If I knew it was that cheep I probably would never have pitched the tent in the first place.

Porcupine rim was definitely a highlight/ I had some bits of snow and ice in late November/early December, but the other 98% of the trail was pure awesome. no idea of what it would be like in March.

Tons of great places to hike there too, especially if you like looking at rock formations.

Since you are going to Moab Utah

Have you seen this video

All I can say, is NO FREAKING WAY!!! :astonished:

Looks like awesome fun but I think I might be too terrified that I wouln’t jump far enough/too much and splat into the cliff wall like a bug.