Moab equipment thread '07/whos going

What are people bringing to Moab uni wise? I’m trying to figure out what I should bring, and what I don’t need. Right now I’m looking at bringing the 26er, my trials and maybe if I have room/weight permitting, my bc wheel. Then my camel pack (which I should probably clean since I havn’t used it since the summer), some extra seat bits, a spare tube for the 26er, some tools and a camera that semi works. Well besides the basics.

Is there anything else I’m leaving out? What else are people bringing, is it worth bringing the bc wheel? Are there any other things that tend to break alot at Moabs?

I am bringing a bc. I rode mine a little last year. It is fun to have stuff to play around on at the dinner on saturday. I’m bringing my muni and trials uni too and a bunch of spare parts.
We are driving though so I am less limited with space (I assume you are flying).

Yeah I’m flying in, but I’m aloud a fair amount of luggage so I don’t see why it should be too bad. I need to figure out a way to keep my brakes safe though.

Frankly, unless you’re a crazy BC guy, or you’re driving and so don’t have to carry the thing on the airplane with you, I wouldn’t bother with the BC. You’ll ride it maybe once.

I’m bringing my KH XC (24x2.6") with 165mm cranks, a 3-liter Camelbak, my standard repair kit (Alien tool, patch kit, stupid Profile crank bolt Allen key, spoke wrench, probably a spare tube this time because I have a slow leak, pump), my full-on armor suit (Active Ankles, 661, Harbinger, KH elbow pads), camera (Canon PowerShot S2 IS), tripod.

As for riding stuff, Im bringing my 26" Muni, Camelback, and tons of spare parts. And maybe my camera.

dumb question… when is MOAB 2007?

March 23rd to 25th.

I’m bringing my Wilder. I’m thinking about bringing my Carbon MUni for the competition events, but don’t know if it will be useful or not. So don’t know yet if I want to hassle with the extra cycle (and weight).

Then I always bring:

  • Camelbak
  • Kneepads
  • Leg armor (kneepads for light riding, armor for the hard stuff)
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Tools: allen wrenches, small pedal wrench, 10mm box wrench, maybe a ratchet with 10, 13 and 14mm sockets, maybe my crank tool for people with cotterless cranks, tire irons
  • Spare tube(s)
  • Minipump
  • Layers of clothing to wear

If you’re going to Moab, especially if you’ve never been there, make sure you read the entire web site, especially the advisories about weather, water and food. You’re in a desert environment. It could go from 30 degrees in the morning to 80 in the afternoon. Dress in layers! It might rain. And you absolutely must bring water on all rides, and food for the longer ones. Don’t rely on others! A phone is nice to have also, if you have one. Most seem to work on the Slickrock trail, as the back part of the loop is very close to town.

A Muni… :slight_smile:

whats moab? :thinking:

are you serious?
Im bringing my trials, Muni, pump, allen tool, camel back, clothes, me.
maybe some other stuff but i dont think ill break anything so i dont need spare parts.

Of corse i’m serious!!!
answer, please :o

Oh, its only the largest Muni gathering.

I personally equate it to heaven.

The current number of signups allows me to use one of my favorite Italian words: ottantotto.

If you really wanted to know, by now you will have searched. If you don’t want to search, well, whatever. Type this into your search engine of choice: moab muni fest.

More items I’m bringing:

  • Sunscreen(!)
  • My book of Moab trails (purchased last time)
  • Cameras
  • Maybe my laptop. Then again, maybe a tripod instead…

Do you play piano?

(meant for tholub)

Not seriously. I just love the sound of the word. Ottantotto. I bet they put 88 keys in the pianoforte just so they could say it more often.

I think I might get bikeshorts for this year. Last year at Moab and CMW I did it all in jeans, that got uncomfortable pretty fast.

Bike shorts get uncomfortable the secnd you put them on!