Moab Dinner

We’ll be there… 4 days.

Get there late thursday afternoon, I think. Leaving late sunday afternoon.

We’ll be staying at the Cedar Breaks lodging

Here’s a picture if you can’t seem to find the tallest uni:

Jameys 2nd Place Standard.jpg

here is what we look like in moab

Thats me in the orange shirt.

yea ill be staying there for more than 3 days too, but i was just wondering if you were staying for the 3 days of riding, but i see you are:D

I think me and my family are gonna look at the “sights” on the day after the muni fest or the day before the muni fest

NIce piCS! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there and I look like this (I’m the guy on the left):


I’ll be your friend. I’m also going to the dinner. I like dinner.
Square glasses, bright green “Ninjas. Unicycles. Yeah.” Shirt on, FOX north shore guards, Black helmet with gold letters “CMDR.” on it, and i carry the nuclear football in my camelback. (just kidding)

I am going to wear a different Bedford shirt every day. I will wear an Eva, Betty and this other one that I don’t know the name of.

Dinner is good.

The dinner on Saturday night is not to be missed. I’ve met people that didn’t go to that part, and they lost out on one of the best parts of the MMF. If you’re going to ride on Sunday, that’s where everyone figures out what they’re going to do. If you’re lucky, you may win an awesome frame or some other really cool prize. And just a word of advice— if you bring something to donate (like a pair of pedals or a tire or a cool unicycle t-shirt, etc), the chances of you winning a prize increases (more prizes= more chances to win). And don’t forget about getting people’s autograph. Bring your favorite uni DVD and get some of the riders to sign it. Collector’s Item!
I’ll be wearing a shirt that says “Paco” (it’s a brand name).

I didn’t go to the diner lst year. :frowning:

But I will this year. I’ll be wearing either a Torker or a Qu-Ax t shirt at any given time…