Moab Dinner

whos going to the moab dinner on saturday, march 25? I will be going. also what does the moab t-shirts have on them? does it just say MMF or moab muni fest 2006? or what? I bought one anyway.

I will be a loner so i hope to make a friend at maob that i can ride with while im there. I will have a blue and white helmet on, 661 (black) shin gaurds, Kh 24 muni of course (with the snazzy hydro brake), & black gloves on. come find me!:slight_smile:

Yeah man, me and my family are planning on going to the saturday dinner… the one at the park, I think.

I’ll have a silver/grayish helmet, probally PRYME shinguards, red/black Torker DX and I don’t know what clothes I’ll be wearing…

I will. i filled out the form and all i have to do now is write the check and send it in. I am going for sure.

Hey that’s what I look like… I’ll be there friendless as well. See you then!

i will be goin to the dinner

yea me and my family are going to the one at the park

ok ill look for my twin aswell.

there should be name tag stickers there, the ones that say HELLO MY NAME IS, and we write our forum names on them.
wouldn’t that be sweet?

we should do that! Get a piece if string and make a neclace with out forum names on there! YEEHAW!!

They have done that at previous years dinners, even though I didn’t get to go to them.

I’ll be the one who has his nametag prepared 2 months in advance…

I will have a yellowish/orangey helmet with awesome Bedford and stickers on it so I shouldn’t be that hard to find:) I might be carrying a BC wheel, or riding a KH muni or possibly my trials uni.

If I had a name tag I would just put Spencer on it…I don’t really like my forum name. It has been my screen name on AOL since I was in second grade so thats about 8 years now. I wouldn’t really want people calling me litldude2;)

Ill were a nametag that says “Bryan” on it.

if i’m there, i’ll have a dark blue helmet, black 661’s, and an orange KH20.
and possibly a nametag that says James_Potter.

Probably everyone. Unless there are problems with the weather, in which case we’ll have to split up. There are too many of us to all go to any of the restaurants in town!

My guess is nothing yet. They may not have been designed yet. Past designs have all been worth owning, even if they did “borrow” some intellectual material from MUni Weekend shirts (which “borrowed” some of their intellectual material from Sobe bottles…). :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, you will have a ton of friends by the time the weekend’s over. If nobody brings the HELLO MY NAME IS stickers, remember to tell people your forum name. Total strangers will suddenly say “Oh, I know you!”

Yeah. This guy I had never seen before rode straight up to me and said “hey, your Forrest, right?” and I said yes. I had no idea who he was. Then I finally found out it was Leif (Fuego). Cought me by suprise.

Maybe we all should post pics of ourselves so whe we get there we might have some idea of who is who…Do you think we should start a new thread about moab identification? Ha;)

i think ill just make a tag to put around my neck that says “musketman”.

I’ll hopefully be there! I’ll be the one with the tallest muni period (black 24" KH) so just look for the muni that looks incredably tall it’s almost funny looking! :slight_smile: I’ll also have a black skateboard helmet on and 661’s.

…and the incredibly tall person to go with it right?

I know what you look like, sorta, from the breif hidden section in Defect…

So were is everyone staying? Were staying at the holiday Inn there in Moab… I’ll bet most people are camping though.

i think im staying a the “Mt. Peale last resort” or “Morris last Resort” cabins. I dont know though for sure. Im going to be staying in a nice one too! it has a bathroom, sink, stove, coffe pot, an up stairs, and more!!

Are most of you staying for all 3 days? Iam:D