Moab condo lodging available

A bunch of the folks coming in from California (the Berkeley crew, the Hoovers, John Foss, etc.) are renting condos in the Purple Sage condo complex, on the Slickrock Trail side of the main strip in Moab. It’s a pretty cool setup, with a full kitchen in each unit and a hot tub on site. If we fill them all up, it will work out to about $40/night/person.

We have enough space for 3-4 more people; let me know if you’re interested. Some of us are getting there on Wednesday, and some of us are staying until Monday, so the schedule should be pretty flexible.

PM sent for two people!

Abimbo Community Development

Access Aid Mission (AIM) has existed since 2007 to provide the rural western kenya communities with support which targets sustainable development projects in Kenya. All our volunteer projects are a contribution to support, either children or other Kenya voluntary programs at the community resource center. AIM is run by volunteers some of whom come from the rural villages in Kenya where specific programs run, while others come as volunteers on a mission to promote social development in kenya. Our priority begins with Children,who are always the most vulnerable in the society.They need rights protection,which include Education,Social security,Food and accomodation.

KENYA VOLUNTEERS/ Volunteers ON TRIP TO KENYA: Tens of Volunteers from all walks of life have visited kenya through Access Aid Mission to participate on these sustainable programs as their contribution to support the children at AIM's Community Resource Center.Others have come to Kenya as social workers,Volunteer teachers, Interns, Students, Health Workers and individuals with desire to contribute towards this unique sustainable volunteer development in Kenya.

AIM creates space for participatory program where community stakeholders are instrumental in finding the root cause of their problems and lasting solution for their own sustainability.

(a) Early childhood education and development process:
Come to live with the people in kenya, feel their hospitable traditions as you help the children to understand themselves, be informed about the current system and be hopeful of a brighter future. They need you to educate patronize and play with them. They are orphaned, vulnerable and so, they need your comfortably… read more…
(b) Community health
Are you a doctor, a nurse or a medical intern? Here is a chance to save lives of children in Kenya through your volunteer work, youths and adults… read more
© Environmental care
We need you to contribute in tree planting in Kenya , to curb the danger of global warning which is an international threat. Water conservation and sanitation are important aspects to save lives and especially where poor waste disposal is eminent. Your skills, energy and contribution will make a difference…read More
To play a pivotal role in the lives of childrenin Kenya , you need to observe and care for them while they grow. Early childhood education and social development ECDE is important in a child’s life. Volunteer in literal programs in ECDE centre, primary school and even secondary schools. …read more

(e) community support initiatives

AIM community resource centre relies on self sustainable income generating activities which provide first, immediate financial support before an external resource is found. These include project initiatives which are designed to provide opportunities for the community stakeholders to learn the methodologies of self reliance through profound community sustainable village based entrepreneurship. You can make a difference, positively, by injecting knowledge, skills and experience to improve the community’s social economic capacity

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