Moab Cabins

I dont know how many people have seen these but at the Moab campground
they have these cabins
that have a heater, air conditoner, cots, and all the luxuries of the campground for 33 bucks a night. From what I heard Moab is hotter than heck in the day and colder than heck at night. It could rain and it is verry cold.
I am staying in one of these, and they fit 3 so if anyone wants to split the cost with me thats cool. and if it starts snowing out there you all can come huddle in.:wink:

This really is a pretty good deal, especially when you look at the 4.50 a night it will cost to camp in the campground. I’m thinking about it…

The two years that I went, it was relatively chilly at night, but not that bad if you had a jacket. And the days were pleasantly cool. But who know what they will be like this year.

Unfortunately, so bathrooms or kitchens (that means no fridge for food/drinks!) so I will pay extra for a motel with all that extra stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like a nice place, when i go to moab i will stay there, the only thing i noticed on those cabins is you have to bring your own sheets, so dont forget them, and no pets, so thats a minus, but the tents spots look good, i am still undecided on wether or not i would want one of those things covering my tent
is everyone going to moab staying there?

Last year, I was in moab a few days early, and camped at the slickrock campground. I woke up with a lil’ bit of snow on my tent.

this is why i got the cabbin.