Moab Attendee List

For all those interested, Rolf has now posted the planned attendee list on the MMF website (I happen to be #4 :smiley: )
So for those who haven’t already sent him an email, they will start showing up on the list now. It’s always fun to watch the list grow and see who’s coming this year.


Me, the wife and five kids are on there. This will be our third year. It’s a blast! Super 8 this time though. It took us two months to put away the camping gear last year :astonished:

Hey! I’m on there! And my name is misspelled! :slight_smile:

My Dad and brother are coming too, I’ll tell Rolf…

Im going…put me up yall!

iam #2 on the list! ther it is Seth Frederickson, yippi!!!

I might go…still completely unsure though.

hmmmmm… They haven’t added my name yet! Rolf, didn’t you get my email??? :thinking:

I don’t think Rolf checks this forum. I just thought I’d mention that the list was up. If you have any questions, email Rolf (check the website for his address). He doesn’t update the list daily, so you may have to wait a week or so to see any changes.

Actually I did email him, but as you say maybe it takes a while for him to update the list. thanks!:smiley: