Moab 2015

Anyone know for sure if there will be another munifest next year?

Thinking about trying to get down to Moab next year regardless, but if there’s another 'fest in the works, I’d try for then.

I had a great time in 2014, and I hope the organizing group will want to do it again. The impression I got was that they were definitely in the “unsure” camp, but I have no more recent information. Even if an “official” event isn’t offered, there’s a good chance Tom Holub will organize and informal schedule of rides on a similar weekend next year.

I’m all for an “open source” muni-fest. If there’s an organized one, great. If not, someone definitely ought to just call a weekend for people to converge. This time around, maybe we can skip the videos of people destroying cryptobiotic soil, though…

formal or informal I may come and ride again ( I still have many things to visit in southern Utah) … so please if something brews let us know.
(the sooner the better: plane tickets from Europe are not cheap)

I plan on going up to Moab the week of March 15th. Weather their is a planned event or not. So hopefully something is happening either of those weekends/week.

Talking with others, I think this would be the easiest way to have a Muni event.

I just wanted to be sure there wasn’t already a planned event to shoot for. In the case that there’s not, I’d shoot for a bit later date and go down and ride.

I mostly just want to ride Portal…

I learned my lesson the hard way last time. Did Slickrock missed out on Portal…

I would prefer this also. In fact it would probably be a deciding factor for me. :sunglasses:

…Portal?..Will you be riding with a parachute?!!..

CRAZY!! :smiley:

UMB has a thread up right now about ‘stoopid exposed rides’ that has caught my interest.

Grove Creek coming off Mount Timpanogos sounds awesome too.

But yeah, I think Portal would be neat. It’d be cool to ride somewhere where one mistake could mean… well, you know. I’ve heard that Blue Dot is now legal as well and has some hairy parts.

Actually, all of Mag 7 sounds pretty tight, but I’m not sure if I could handle 26 miles of tech muni.

hey wait a minute! there are also “not so technical” riders that want to go to Moab (Porcupine is the hardest I can do … and as a matter of fact never rode it completely but this time I will be in half-retirement … so more time to train :D)
this said later in march will be better (So can manage leisure travel with business travel :stuck_out_tongue: )

There is an unofficial Facebook event for this here:

how about people that:

  • do not have a facebook account
  • and refuse to get one (for serious reasons)

are they still considered to inhabit the present sphere of existence?:o

Mag 7 beat the snot out of me when I was on a bike. I can’t yet imagine it on a uni. I do fine on slickrock, but a lot of Mag 7 was really broken up compared to what I’ve ridden elsewhere in Moab. You might be on your own there. Wobbling Bear and I will wait at the bottom and be ready to call for rescue personnel. :slight_smile:

Wobbling bear, don’t feel bad. The link doesn’t work for me, and I have a facebook account!

I don’t think you need to worry, there are enough people who monitor both this forum and the facebook muni chat page that any details will be posted in both places.

Facebook only event. Sorry. :slight_smile: JK but don’t see why anyone refuses to get a Facebook account. It’s free and all you need is a valid email. You don’t even need to use your real name or post any other info. It would be like if someone refused to get an email IMHO which just doesn’t make sense unless they don’t have a computer or access to the internet. Please try to convince me otherwise.

+1. No fuss, no registration. Just go!


How bout this, convince me why I need a facebook.

If you wanted to you could make an account and the delete it after the event is over.