Moab 2012 Part. 1

Spring break in Moab. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

Wow! That was a great video! Incredible location, nice riding and very good filming and editing. Those moving shots were amazingly smooth! What kind of steadicam are you using?

Haha! Thanks! That’s awesome! I don’t use a steadicam. :smiley: Just a special way of using a tripod. :wink: After that I use Youtubes option to fix the shaking in the upload process. (I think it’s sort of new) Anyway, it comes out sor of rippley, but I like the efect.

Cool, it turned out really well.

Thanks! I’m going to use the stabilizer in my editing software for part two to compare. :wink:

Great vid!!!

Thanks! Part two is even better. :wink: