Moab 2010????

I say we do it like they usually do:

Last weekend of March.

I also think it would be wayyyyyy fun to have Friday or Saturday just have like a whole day at the skate park and trials around town for those who want to… We could also have a trail set up for those who wouldn’t want to do that.

Other than that… someone just needs to step up and find some good trails and set the times and people will show up.

I’ll be there.


I also agree with Jarin…

Maybe we won’t be able to do it in march if it is full…

To address your questions: Yes but not “big time”, no, no, and not that I can tell.

After attending the last 7 Moab Muni Fests, I for one, will greatly miss this event as it had been. It case you weren’t at last years event dinner, Rolf announced that he would not be organizing the event anymore. What had started out at a weekend of riding for his family and friends grew into a huge event that molopolized every spare minute for 6 months out of the year, plus we had gotten so big that the permits and regulations and legalities began to take over. He was only able to fit in one ride, personally, the last few years.

Most events that deal with all that kind of stuff in Moab has paid staffers to keep it all together. Anyone who has a full time job can’t keep that up forever.

If anyone with alot of time on their hands decided to take it over, he would transfer contacts and info as needed.

He said that he would still go to Moab, but it would be just to ride, and if say, several dozen other riders “happen” to show up and ride around also… :wink:

No t-shirts, no prizes, no banners, just riding.

back to “Old School”.

This happens to the best fests it would seem.

(long tangent to follow)----you have been warned.

Moab M.F never suffered the problems that Whitewater kayakaing’s Gorefest suffered, but my little story here tells how a fest can go from being small, getting big, too big, and then going back to small and still be good.

Here in Colorado we have Gorefest. It’s a whitewater kayaking festival on the Colorado River through Gore Canyon. A few class V rapids surrounded by near constant class IV whitewater for several miles. Lots of fun, lots of carnage and lots of kayakers and rafters.

It got big, it got more sponsors and then it went huge and went from being several dozen kayakers to full on races for both kayaks and rafts. One year it even was sanctioned as the U.S. Nationals for rafting. Then they brought in the Jumbotron one year to show clips of us running the river, and then the next year they added the bands. It was renamed the Gore Canyon Music and River Festival… with “River” being named LAST, almost as an afterthought.

Most of the people that showed up had never been in a river boat and were there for the music, not the river. In fact the jumbotron that had been for people to watch the days action on the river, cut off in the middle of the action, the announcer who had been reading off peoples race times and such was told he was out of time so the band could start.

The kayakers were pissed.

The next year, the music part got bigger and the boaters weren’t even gonna be allowed to park or camp in the campground anymore so as to make room for the music junk. New Belgium Brewery had been working with American Whitewater Association for years by parking a cooler truck with beer taps, servered beer, and donating the money. --A big $ help for the non-profit organization.

The organizor decided that New Belgium wouldn’t be invited anymore, they would get their own beer sponsors (for profit) and also threatened us boaters with arrest if we brought our own beer to the fest.

The boaters boycotted that year. Instead of the 200 or 300+ boaters, only a few dozen showed up. It was a total bust. That was the end of the Music Fest.

The next year there was no big festival, no bands, no jumbotron, no prizes. Just a 100+ boaters who all “happened” to show up at the same time and race (or just float) down the river for fun. It’s been like that for several years now, and it’s just fine like that.

----It’s 3:30 AM, so if any of that was confusing, I’ll blame it on working the graveyard shift here. :slight_smile:

ps… If anyone wants a 2010 Moab Muni Fest t-shirt, I think it would be fun if someone took a big marker and just wrote “MoabMuniFest 2010” across the back of whatever shirt you were wearing that day. :slight_smile:

Moab munifest 2010

I Agree, I,m There

I too have seen once fun events ruined by growth and sometimes greed, I have never made it to Moab Muni fest but was looking forward to this year. Not knowing what it takes to organize an event like this, ( permits, insurance etc. ) what if we all just show up to ride on a specific weekend? just as if it was just a weekend trip that a bunch of unicyclist just showed up for…


The last full muni fest went out with a bang, huge attendance, great prizes, great time. The event doesn’t need all the hype anymore, Rolf did enough to keep it going for another 10 years! Lets just decide a date and all just so happen to show up =)

alright well im just gunna step up and say im going second weekend of april. march is full and the first weekend is easter. so second weekend of april which i think is the weekend of the 11th. anyone who goes the same weekend can meet up with me and anyone else at the skatepark on friday morning like we did last year. then we can just go from there. i think saturday morning we should set up a just for fun trials comp. me and cody set one up at cmw this year and it was alot of fun. heres this website again… it seams to have all the information you might need if you have never been to moab before. hope i see you all there.

I’d love to just show up, but there’s the issue of arranging air fare and transportation, which would be a huge bust if no one else showed.

I think it needs a primary contact to organize and make it legit.

As it stands, I ain’t about to shell out $1000 to visit moab and ride alone.

In place of Moab this year I’m planning to attend the Arizona MW. It’s not as scenic, but there is plenty of good and rocky terrain.

I’ll see you all/some? at the skatepark on April 9th. I’ve never seen Moab by unicycle and I’m looking forward to it!

These April times are rough. Most spring breaks are in March.


I’m going to be in Moab with a few friends in a couple weeks, with riding days March 26-28. Probably Porcupine Rim on Friday, Slickrock on Saturday, something else not on a Jeep trail on Sunday. (Jeep Week starts Saturday).

If you’ll be around, let me know and we can hook up for some rides.

Soo0o0o0o0 whos goin??

Sorry…slightly off topic…

I’m planning a trip from Denver to Las Vegas this summer spending 10 days or so riding at/around Moab, Fruita (?), Durango etc.

The problem is we might need to go around end July - begining Agust & I’m worried that the temperature will be too bad and that this is the worst time for the US hoilday season…can anybody comment who actually knows the area???

Thanks (sorry for the hijack)

Likely hot. It can be very hot or unseasonably cool. I like dry heat so it never bothered me, hot or cool. Just plan to do very early morning rides. Moab is my mom’s home town. I still have a few relatives there. I should make a trip out there soon.