Moab 2010????

Is There going to be a moab Munifest in 2010? is anyone organizing this event so far? Does anyone plan organizing it? Does anyone want to start organizing it?

I will tell ya, I went to moab an road this weekend… And I am ready to go back

Somebody should figure out the appropriate weekend, and just announce some rides. The hard part may be finding the best weekend, avoiding Jeep Week and other crazy-busy events…

Other than procupine rim, and maybe bartlett wash area, are there other decent technical trails in the area? There must be lots. I didn’t really find slickrock very thrilling, except maybe some of the rock formations off the actual trail would be fun to play around on.

Edit: I found this list:

Well It is typically the last weekend in march… And I am sure there are plenty of rides that can be done down there…

I think that the ball just needs to get rolling on this so that people can plan on doing it… It would be a shame to lose this event…

Would be so much better in the cooler months, like…now! :smiley:

I was actually just there this weekend… Not enough daylight this time of year. And It is a touch cold… Early November would be better. Or late February…

I have mtbd there for years and anything in between Oct 31st and Mar 1st is a crap shoot on the weather. I have even encountered snow in the first week of November, which the locals had promised would only happen when pigs fly.

March isn’t exactly warm either. We’ve run the range from riding past snow and people freezing their butts in tents overnight (in a sandstorm) to some nice toasty weather. I like that weekend, but “that” weekend has to be checked to not be in conflict with Jeep Week at least…

The singletrack down from Amasa Back is quite technical, with drops and a ton of exposure.

Poison Spider Portal is very tech with lots of rocks, drops and exposure.

Oh yeah, there was another “trail” down from Amasa Back, called alternately Jackson’s Ladder or Jacob’s Ladder, which is more or less a vertical boulder field.

Might be tough to ride there now :astonished: they just received a record snowstorm, broke a 125 year record. 8" in town and 3’ in the La Sal’s.

After climbing in Zion (near Moab) on two consecutive days and receiving first sunburn, then frostbite, I think it is safe to say that not even the locals can predict what may happen

according to this… … most of march is full up. so i think our best bet would be the second week of april )(9-11th). we should all just take a vote on here to find out what trails we all want to ride and plan on meeting. i would like to plan a trials comp as well for one of the days. if that sounds good with you guys we should make a list of the best trails down there and i will make a pole thread so we can vote on which trails.

I vote for the first weekend in April 2010

moab needs to happen. let me know when it will be and i should be there.

Its not a matter of should be there. I WILL be there. Get some dates i will attend and if help is needed im down!

Lots of talk about wanting to go, but no leadership to make it so. I predict this will fall flat because no one will step up to organize it.

Someone prove me wrong, and the rodent and 8 Ball can declare themselves Seer of Seers.

I dont think anyone needs to step up. I predict that its going to happen. Even if no one steps up, il be there with a select group of riders that will just decide what trails to do. We can just vote on which trails to do, and what date to be there.

cody, lets say theres an alien who screws up our communications so that we are all on different trails. what should we do in that case. plus, what if the aliens name is lennae?