MOAB 2009: Looking for Lodging and Carpooling from Southern California

Hey guys, I searched and only found one thread about this years MOAB?!

Anyways, I am planning my MOAB 2009 trip and am looking for a cheap place to stay and also wondering if anyone wants to carpool from the Los Angeles LA or Orange County OC area (I have one extra spot in my car if someone wants/needs a ride)?

If you don’t know me, I’m a really easy going guy that has been unicycling for 20 years now, been to tons and tons of events, like Nationals, Internationals, etc. This will be my 4th MOAB!

Anyways, I am looking for a place to stay while at MOAB for Thursday thru Sunday night. As I’m on a budget, the cheaper the better. Anyone want to share a room or have extra space I could crash on the floor or a couch? Or if you have a spot I could throw up a tent at a campground, etc. I am looking for a place Thursday thru Sunday night. If you only have one or two nights, that might work. Please post here or PM me if so. Otherwise I might try Looks like some good old friends from CA and MN are going, any takers? Would love to stay with some old friends if you have room, or it’s always nice meeting new friends too!

I’m also wondering if anyone wants to carpool and safe some money. I live in Huntington Beach (aka Orange County, the OC, Los Angeles, LA, Southern California CA, you get the point). I do have a mustang convertible I will drive out there if no one else has an extra spot for another person. If I drive then I have room for an extra person. I plan to drive out Thursday and return on Monday but am flexible on that. Again, reply here or PM me if you are interested. Will be going thru Vegas and could pick up someone/drop someone off along the way.

I was told that mscalisi was driving, but don’t know if he’s going the southern route. If he is, you might be able to meet up with him, and do a park-n-ride from Bakersfield or something. Or talk Terry into going?

Thanks John, I PM’d him!


Oh this is perfect. i live about a 20-30 min ride from orange county and i defininetely would love to carpool with you if the spot hasnt been taken. my aim is crashboy1993 so you can just use that or reply and we can talk more


Jamey is an awesome guy. Anyone staying with him, carpooling with him or unicycling with him will have a great time. It would make your MOAB trip that much better.

Hey Mike,
Sounds great. Let’s figure out if we can carpool and save some gas money and driving time. PM or email me at unicycle6869 at yahoo dot com. Cheers!


Might have found a carpool but still looking at a place to stay…might tent it…does anyone have a campsite I could throw a tent up at?

We are planning on setting up a tent at the Slickrock Campground. I assume they’ll let you put up a second tent at the same site. I know it’s $5 extra per person, so if they’ll allow another tent there, you’re welcome to set up on our site. It’s just me and two of my kids…

I suppose they might complain about an extra car, but we could probably park one somewhere outside the campground if necessary.

The only other issue is that we might drive up and get there late on Thursday night, or we might finish the drive on Friday morning. It’s somewhat depends on what the weather in the high country in Colorado will be like. I guess I should decide so I can make reservations…

– Agnes

OK, great that sounds good. I will bring my tent and hopefully I can set it up at your campsite or someone elses…if I don’t find somewhere else. Thanks for the offer! I might not get there till Friday so that should be fine. Could you PM me your name and cell so I know how to find you? Thanks!!

You really shouldn’t eat tents. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about tent-steaks?