Moab 2007 flight, car and lodging share thread!

Hi folks, this is mostly to find people interested in sharing with me from Salt Lake City. I’ve arrived late to the party and many of my fellow Northern CA riders already filled up two cars and a condo, so:

I’ve put a call in for another unit at the Cedar Breaks condos. The Andy Cotter and Nathan Hoover groups will be there as well. If I can’t get Cedar Breaks we’ll look for another one in town.

For ride-sharing purposes, I will arrive in SLC on Friday morning, hopefully by 10:00am. I will leave on Monday afternoon, no earlier than 3:00 so we don’t have to get up real early for the drive back up there.

The drive is about four hours if you go the speed limit. Beyond that it’s up to you.

Right now I’m all by myself, so looking to share either the room, the car or both. Also my travel dates are flexible until someone joins in. One of these days I’d like to take more time to see Canyonlands, and maybe more of Arches National Parks. That’s a possibility also. Please post here, or contact me at the email address in my sig.

I just have a comment. You should try and stay the extra time to see arches because it is pretty awesome. I’ve been there twice and it is cool to see all the rock formations.

and its devastating not to be able to ride the trails.

Ha! You sigged me!:o

I was thinking about coming down thursday night, so that I could arrive in time to enjoy all of fridays riding and be well rested for it. I was planning on heading out monday aswell but since I have to work the next day I don’t want to arrive in town too too late (no later than two on tuesday morning).

I’m kind of on a budget though and I’m trying to keep the entire weekend on two weeks pay (one paycheck plus tips). How much would the condo cost for that period of time and how much would it cost for gas and stuff like that?

If we can keep that kind of stuff around $150 USD then I’m down for that, if you can get a more exact estimate though, I might even be able to find some more money, it all depends on what tips are like in the next few weeks.

when is Moab? I need to know so I can start actually saving more for my Coker (I’m planning on riding to Moab, if anyone with coker between Salem Oregon and the Seatle Washington Area wants to make the ride with me they are welcome to assuming I have a coker to ride out to Moab on…)

i’m printing out registration as i type.

soon i’ll have sent it in.
I’m going even if i have to walk.

I am deffinetly interested in going in on a car share from SLC to Moab, I am fine with heading down Friday morning, but would prefer to head back Tuesday or Wednesday to allow some time for climbing after the event, depending on how much the condo is per person per night I might be interested in going in on a unit at cedar breaks ,but I might wind up camping if its out of my price range. I plan on taking a bus down from Jackson Hole to SLC I will be arriving in SLC at about 12pm on Friday, let me know if you are interested in staying the extra day or two, and how much the condo is, drop me a Email at unicyclejoe at yahoo dot com

                 -Joey Cohn

We’re flying in Thursday morning, hoping to get to Moab before dark and do some photography and such. We have space for one more person in our car. We could be interested in a cabin if we get a private room.

So… um… how good should someone be if they wanted to go to Moab? I’ve only been riding a month, I can ride my little Torker LX 24 on dirt roads and stuff, but I’ve never even tried real mountains and trails yet. I don’t really want to go all the way there to be a spectator. How good is good enough?


Moab is an oustanding place for new riders to work on skills. The first time I went, it was about the third MUni ride I’d ever done; I’ve brought other folks with similar track records. You can always walk the stuff that’s too difficult for you.

lol, yeah it was. There’s some good spots there. Like at the end, you could ride around that “Bowl” part, and on the way back! oh yeah…Im doin it!

oh, dont worry. Any skill level is good for Moab. The slickrock trail isn’t rocky, its smooth and fun fun fun! And it’s not like you have to cross the MTN’s, you walk what ever you want or ride what you want. Half the time people are walking, so it’s not like everybody will lauph at you because your the only one walkin or anything like that. Moab is good for noobs or experts.

OK, I guess I better seriously start practicing and getting in shape (losing a few winter pounds will help).

How do you get your uni’s out there? It looks like mine will fit in my largest suitcase, or does the airline just treat them as checked luggage? Nothing on the USAir web site about uni’s, just bikes (at $80 one-way charge!!)

I may look into arriving Thurs and driving to Moab from SLC that day. Don’t want to miss Friday if possible. Flying out Monday afternoon, also. Coming out from beautiful South Jersey, USA (home of Bruce Springsteen).

Places to stay? Looks like any of the lodging would be OK; you still need to drive to the trail’s starting point.

I’ll know definitely in a fews days, thanks.

Happy to annnounce that Thomas and me will come all the way from Denmark to join Moab MUnifest.
We will arrive in LA on the 3/21 and go by car.
Looking forward to see you all.

When I flew to NAUCC in Memphis, I took 3 unicycles (two 20"s and a 24" muni) inside two different suitcases. You’ll have to take apart whatever it needs to fit depending on the suitcase. Frame, seat post, pedals, etc.

And don’t mention anything about unicycles or bicycles or they might try to charge you. If anything just say it’s a circus prop. It’s always worked for me.


the ride

I would love to ride with everyone i’m new to this but learning quick would like to stay in touch with everyone in north ca and nevada i love to ride and mountain is where i’m leaning towards i love the outdoor…anyone feel free to contact me and espically john foss i have much respect for him. stay in touch thanks jason

It’s still up in the air if I’ll be able to make it this year, I may have a trip for work right around then. Missing the fest would be a huge disappointment for me, last year was so great and this year I’m a much better rider so I can only imagine how much fun I would have. If things work out, I think my wife will come with and ride a bike, so that would make it even better.

Wish me luck that this other thing gets rescheduled!!