MOAB 2006

Anything posted yet on the details of Moab 2006???

Dates are up on the website:

This post has some more info quoted from Rolf:

Moab MUni Fest 2006

As usual, nailing everything down is a tough but I hope to have my website updated with quite a bit of known information by this Sunday evening (Jan 15). The dates are firm, March 24-26th. The rides schedule is worked out and camping opportunities are know. Dinners and some logistical stuff are close to worked out. I have several assistants helping with several aspects of the event and their input and involvement are already adding much to the planning. All I can say is hang in there and whatever you do, don’t miss it.

rolf thompson
MMF Event Coordinator

Rolf, thanks for the update and all your time in organizing this awesome event each year! I’m definitely not going to miss it and it sounds like many of us from Minnesota will be there again this year.

are you gonna post a map of where it is from the airport or something ?

and where is the closest airport from moab ? and how do I get to there to moab ?

There is no close major airport closeby. You can fly into grand junction or Salt Lake City… SLT usually being the cheapest, but a good drive away.

but how do I drive there ? I aint major so I cannot rent a car :thinking:

You coordinate with others on here, or with Rolf, on how to carpool down there to moab.

thanks alot… I might actually just go…sounds like fun and I have money to spend on I dont know what… that sounds like a good way to spend it… but I was wondering… do ppl bring there Muni and there trials uni there ?

Most people bring a MUni, as that is best for riding the slickrock and other trails. However, if you can handle bringing both, then you will likely find the opportunity to ride both during the weekend.

I’m bringing both myself, as long as there is room in our tiny car for 4 unicycles…

yea I was asking because I saw that there was a trials comp…

Gilby, thanks for the update. Re. airport question, I’m hoping to simplify my website so that it is easier to find info, such as directions from airport, etc. (this applies to those who don’t know about or With luck and a tail wind, the site should be updated with 2006 plan tomorrow night (Sunday Jan 15th).

Gotta run, just making last minute plans to head out into Utah’s west desert to see the firey re-entry of Nasa’s Stardust Capsule (

rolf thompson
MMF06 Coordinator

Me and my brother(s) might go, but we still dont have any good unicycles to use, or at least, no good 24" or bigger. I’m getting $100 in the mail pretty soon, so I will be at around $200, so I was wondering if there are any good 24" unicycles that anyone could recommend for that price? I looked at UDC, but pretty much all the 24" unicycles for under $200 were too weak to go off anything. Any suggestions would be great.