Moab 2006?


 This may seem pretty far away, but does anybody know the dates for when Moab 06 will be held? I would like to know in advance as far ahead of time as possible to see if i will fall under my spring break, so i might be able to make it this upcomming year.


I already know the answer to this: Not soon enough!

suppose to be funny?

Check Moab and if he doesn’t have anything there you can contact Rolf from there and ask him.

I’m assuming its going to be the same week as it was last year.



looks like this will be the main Moab 06 thread…

I e-mailed Rolf, and he said it will be 24th-26th of march.

He also said this about the lodging:

So thats the idea for what we’re doing this year.

I really think we should have a street-trials-freestyle ride, just for fun. Because most people dont ride ONLY muni, they do everything else too. So even if its just comparing freestyle tricks in the slickrock parking lot, or whatever, lets keep that in mind.

Yes. I’m gonna bring my trials, and it will be not broken by then i hope, so all should be sweet.

I definetely wanna go, and I’m pretty sure I am.

MMF06 Website to be updated Sunday Eve Jan 15th

I sent this same reply elsewhere but this seems a worthwhile place to add it as well. As usual, nailing everything down is a tough but I hope to have my website updated with quite a bit of known information by this Sunday evening (Jan 15). The dates are firm, March 24-26th. The rides schedule is worked out and camping opportunities are know. Dinners and some logistical stuff are close to worked out. I have several assistants helping with several aspects of the event and their input and involvement are already adding much to the planning. Tom Miller has worked up a tremendous ride sched. I am stoked but scared. I will definitely have to put in more running and uni riding miles to get ready. I can say that we are planning Friday AM for street riding in Moab and the river trail. Tons of trial lines and cool ops to show off as well as get to know the town of Moab. Paco Hadley is working on the T-shirt, I am excited to see what his creative genius comes up with. All I can say is hang in there and whatever you do, don’t miss it.

rolf thompson
MMF06 coordinator

Just a reminder, early registration for MMF06 is needs to be in the mail before March 1. If you’re planning on going and have not yet registered there’s no better time than now.

The registration form(s) are available at