Moab 2006 Pictures

I created an album of my Moab MuniFest 2006 pictures in the gallery. Please help me find the album and share the correct URL. I really want to share the pictures with everybody but am having a terrible time with Gallery. The album should be here:


BTW, MuniFest 2006 was really, really great. Thank you so much to the whole Thompson family (Rolf, Janeen, Lindsay, Jeff, Andrew, and Spencer) and everybody else who organized and attended Munifest 2006!!

Reid Jacobson
Atlanta, GA

I got to it by just going to

The pictures look great!


Great pics. I’ve always wanted to ride at Moab. Out of all the pics in all the mountain bike mags I ever had, the ones at Moab looked the coolest. Is it as good as it looks?

Yeah, I had some trouble with G2 as well. It seems that any albums that were imported from G1 have mod_rewrite rules that allow for the “short” URL but any new albums seem to require the full G2 style URL. Gilby?

The direct link to Reid’s 2006 MMF is:

The photos are FANTASTIC! Especially the Saturday dinner. They’re exactly as I remember it.

Thanks Reid!


Great pictures. #1749 is sort of scary.

I am jealous, you have been there twice. I have been there zero.


That looks like fun to the fourth power, man! Way to represent cotterless Muni, too, maybe that’ll help people figure out that cotterless really isn’t that weak. Holy poo that looks like a blast — I’ll try to be there next year.

I’m one of the 3 people on #1749 standing on the scary rock thing. This is the spot (i think) that is in Universe 2 with a guy hopping on it.

Great pictures. I’ll have mine up sometime within the next week or so.

Crazy Karl Point. (Thompson).

Karl wasn’t at Moab this year, and no one tried to unicycle up there.

Actually, Mike and myself hopped/idled up there. See picture below;


Great pics Reid! I look so friggin serious in mine. Good to meet you and can’t wait to make the feature film. See you next year!

its way more fun than it looks!

Thanks for the correct link to my Moab 2006 pictures. And, I’d like to send a big “shout-out” to Tom Holub, Michael Grant, and Brian Emerson for helping make this trip so fun.

Some Moab video

Some of the video that I shot at the munifest is up on my blog.

Re: Moab 2006 Pictures

reidj wrote:

> Thanks for the correct link to my Moab 2006 pictures. And, I’d like to
> send a big “shout-out” to Tom Holub, Michael Grant, and Brian Emerson
> for helping make this trip so fun.
Great shots. I really enojyed them.

Was there a guy named David Hamlow there? One of the folks looked
familiar. I’d love to get in touch with him if it was he.

Nice videos… one wheel down stairs is impressive. I like how you follow the wheel in Kris’s video.

Did anyone get a group photo?

I finally got around to uploading my picture and putting captions with them. The first page or two are actually Andy Cotter’s picture but liked some of them so much I added them to my album. Also, a few at the end are other peoples that I liked so much I just had to have in my album. You can find them at:


Note-Anyone know what all those error messages are at the top of my album?


Does anyone know where this picture of Kris Holm was taken? I had thought it might be from MOAB on the Porcupine Rim Trail but after comparing it to the one of me on a simular ledge, I can clearly see it is not the same spot.

Great shots Jamie (and others)! That picture of Kris was taken in Moab. I don’t know the name of the trail, but in the background you see the road heading north, out of town (looking north). I think the viewpoint is just beyond the entrance to Arches Park.

To get to that location involved a lot of riding or hiking, but I think it was worth it for the picture!