Moab 2005

Is there any website yet for MOAB 05’ or any dates…I almost got to go last year but didnt get to (upsetting). And would like to get an early preparation start this year.


you meed to go. its awesome!

I planned for Moab just before December. There is no way that I am letting anything get in my way of getting there.

That’s what Mike Middleton, his wife, Zack Baldwin, and I said last year. Then a snowstorm and a 3 hour wait at immigrant gap (right before donner pass) put us in our place.

I plan to go this year, but I’m gonna fly. Driving sucked.


Last year was my first, and it was just great! Worth the 1000 mile drive. We’ll all (me and 5 kids) be better this year!

Can’t you move it to Brisbane so I can join you? :wink: I’m going to make it along one year, it looks like so much fun!


How’s about you move to SF and we can roadtrip there? I don’t think Moab is like CMW, in that the venue is kinda one of a kind. I must say though, that I think Northstar had far better trails than moab.

1,000 mile drive from Seattle so I’d have to miss a few days of school and it’s right before spring break which I’ll be missing the entire week after. Sounds like fun and I really want to go but I don’t know if I can make it :frowning:

Looks like Moab is a very feasible 7-8 hour drive from the Phoenix area. I know the friends I ride with are planning on going–we’ll probably have 5-6 riders and potentially a few non-riders along as well.

no go for me.

I wish I could go, but I’m a student with no job, little money, and paranoid parents. That is a very poor combination.

Once I move out, and get a good job, I’ll be able to come… only three or four years… :frowning:

Can’t miss it. Two years ago it was my introduction into the sport. Need to check back against its scale, see if I’ve improved at all.

Plus the hang is as good as it gets… Quality Attendees.


Awww man, two people I was hoping on seeing(again, jag) can’t make it…

One of these days when I have made a ton of money dancing I will pay for all of you guys to go to events.

I’ve ridden many of the Moab trails on a two-wheeler in the early 90s, and they’re all great, technical rides with incomparable scenery.

I’d love to go back and rerun them all now that I’ve been reborn as a unicyclist.

I’ll be there.

Oh c’mon, it’s not that far. If you get a direct flight, you can arrive before you leave.

I have the exact same problem.I wouldnt be able to go by myself and my parents dont want to go with me.

Ill get there one of these yearsl,thuogh!

I’m there. If my dad refuses to go, i’m gonna steal the car.

And his MUni, seeing as I currently don’t own one.

You shnould’ve seen how John Hooten acted when I arrived at his place for the 2003 CMW. He didn’t believe my parents would let me take a 100 mile-ish train ride to a city I didn’t know so could stay with a bunch of strangers and unicycle. I guess I’m lucky, cuz my parents do let me do these things.

Andrew Carter: See, Mike has figured out the logistical part.

Eric: Someday I’m gonna hold you to that offer.

I would love to go to Moab again. I guess I’ll have to see what happens…