Moab 07 !

Haha, I think I would loose really badly if I tried that. Trials on uneven surfaces does not go well with short cranks. I will probably ride my trials with 140s…or maybe 125s. I now have 3 set of koxx cranks but my koxx hub isn’t laced into anything.

I finally read all the info on the website. I think I am going to do the intermediate challenge thing. I don’t want to do expert and have to compete against kris and all them. I would do better if it was more of a street comp that happened to be in rocks…

Hah yeah I don’t want to be hopping around all trialsy so I figure if I stick with the short cranks I will be forced to keep it rollin muni style, but I will still have the lighter easier to control wheel for it. I’m still debating whether or not I want to go in expert or sport, I want to go into expert because there will be alot of a challenge to it, but at the same time I doubt anyone in expert will be using a trials uni so I would feel bad being in it. I don’t really care how well I do though.

Use your 26. That’s what im usin!

Well for the competition you will probably have to do some static hopping. If you want to use some longer cranks let me know because I can bring some longer koxx cranks with an isis puller that you can use.

I have only used it twice though so far, I think it will depend on my mood at the time. If I’m not feeling so hot about the 26er like I am now, then I will use the trials but if I’m lovin it then I will bust out the 26er but with 150 mm cranks and if I’m feeling crazy then I will stick with the 137’s!

I wonder if it would be okay to use both trials and muni… I could con my dad into riding/carrying my extra uni for me. :roll_eyes:

Nah I dunno. I’ll decide which one to use when I get there. Probablly just my 24"I guess.

Oh yeah, I remember you having trouble on that one drop on the slick rock thing last year. It looked like you had trouble rolling away with the bigger wheel… You even fell on your back I think…

Ha yeah, I never ever ride my muni so when I do ride it I suck a lot. I would be way better off just riding a trials uni but it goes too slow.

I would be willing to split fuel cost wit ya. I live in calgary.

Hmm, I have the money for it, I have a ride to it, but I dont have a muni.

Will it be worth it to go to Moab with just a trials uni?


Thanks. =p

Im just trying to reinsure myself I wont be missing out if I dont have a muni.



You would just be missing out if you didn’t go. Some people rode trials unis last year, you just have to pedal a little more;)

I have a muni but I am debating if I even want to use it, I probably will but I need to practice on it first I guess so it doesnt feel weird.

i’m thinking on updating my trials machine, but that’s only after i finish my ski press.

my moab registration should be in the mail tomorrow afternoon!

My dad said he would take me and my little brother and our friend, but he doesnt ride so he said he would take his 4 wheeler up there and ride that around somewhere (moab is in the dirt bike and 4 wheeler magazines all the time and there are supposed to be tons of trails for 4 wheelers and dirtbikes) while we ride…he should be able to ride right.
And also anyone from pueblo going…or in that fact anyone from denver to pueblo going?

Yes, there are tons of trails of all kinds; ATV, jeep trails, rock crawling. Skydiving, base jumping, white water rafting; pretty much anything you can do outside, you can do in Moab.

Except ski perhaps.

Including ski! They don’t have downhill resorts, but there’s plenty of snow in the La Sals for cross country and other sports.

Im going to Moab!!!

I think we should have forum name tags at the saturaday dinner program. You never know who’s who sometimes…