Moab 07 !

So, I looked for the web site : , I guess I suck because it won’t work for me !
Anyways, if anyone can give me some info i’d love it I love to plan in advance so everything goes smooth. IF THERE IS ANY ALBERTAINS GOING OR ANYONE AROUND HERE PM ME WE HAVE FUN !.. beer inculded !


It didn’t work because the right link is

Thank you, and thank’s for making me feel soooo stupid !

The website is mostly '06 stuff still.

Z0MGZ I just went to the site and saw something beautiful!
Anyone else see what I see?
Not the blue snakey thing…


what do you see

The visitor count…in the lower right corner…ignore the 4…!!!

Does the number 768 hold some significance for you?

ME and like EVERYONE in this entire FORUM!
It is THE number…the CHOSEN number.


what do u mean, dont falow u :smiley:

There’s going to be a competition on the slickrock! Looks awesome…

Hey Max, I’m not an albertan but I’m Canadian coming out to Moab, are you flying in? I’m trying to figure out whether to come into Denver or SLC still. Where abouts are you coming in at?

yep, I think Im going in the expert group. I wanna see what I can do. I might be horrid compared to others though.

Yeah I think I’ll goin the expert group too. I won’t be able to win the expert group, with people like Kris Holm, but if I go in the Intermediat group it would probablly be too easy to win.

Oh well.

Your gonna use you Muni right? NOt you Trials. That’s my concern with the whole thing. It might be more trials orientated, so my huge 26" muni wont be able to do it. But drops and rocks, and downhills are all good.

Hmm, well actually I was thinking of using my trials… But who knows, there will surely be both muni and trials type “challenges” being made.
So, I will probabbly use what everyone else is using.

Which brings me to something else… what ride is everyone doing after the competition? I would rather do the Fins and Things trail, but I hate it when groups split up. I always wonder if I’m missing any action…

If there is a competition then I am definitely going to use my trials uni. I am too uncoordinated on my muni. The last time it was fully assembled was cmw.

I don’t like the groups splitting up either. I will just go along with other people I want to hang out with.

Well it sounds like you could do both rides on Saturday. It says the “Challenge ride” goes untill 11:30, and the real ride begins at 1:00 at the Fins N things trail. So you can ride at the slickrock until 1:00. Then go to the Fins N things trail with the others. That’s probably what ill do, unless there’s tons hangin out on the slickrock.

The Barlett Wash Slickrock trail sounds pretty fun though. No “real” trail to follow, just bummin around doing trials and drops and all kinds of fun!:smiley:

Hey spencer you should do the challenge on the trials with the 110’s, thats probably what I will be doing it on, nuless I get better on my 26er, but so far I have only ridden it like two or three times.