MNN unicycle show

I’m currently taking a control room class at the public access network in new york, and thought I’d put together a run-down sheet for a possible unicycle related show.

The time to fill is 28 minutes and I’m thinking some unicyclists could come into the studio to show their unicycle and describe for a minute on the type of uni they’re demonstrating, and what got them interested. And an additional minute each on some funny comments they have heard while riding, or related story. Another segment, perhaps near the start of the show, would just include a minutes worth of people freemounting repeatedly, or trying to freemount, fairly new riders included, with funny/quirky background music playing.

If anything, it might encourage more people to join up to the new york unicycle club, or take on unicycling in their own area assuming the video gets broadcasted elsewhere. There are waivers to sign if you come in to the studio; the whole production is non-profit.

Does anyone have any ideas, or music to contribute to this? Are you available on June 20th, 6:30pm? If it doesn’t happen now it can definitely be revisited in the future, when the run-down is more polished and all the participants are ready.

I think the people doing freemounts and quirky music may just send out the clown message to much, You should try to get some good street riding, impressive freestyle, flatland, and trials, if you can, get some hardcore muni riding, not riding little bike trials, but bombing down huge steeps, technical trails, that kind of stuff.

If I lived closer I would love to come to this.

By the way, this session will be taken in a studio however I can take pre-arranged video segments and music clips in ahead of time on CD or VHS. Actually, an Internet stream can also be worked into the production, just everything needs to be planned out ahead of time.

So for example a robot cam can zoom in on certain wheels, and other cameras with full shots can be switched to. Anything that would work in a confined area like Unicycle jousting might work. The reasoning behind a possible intro like that is that the average viewer already has a perception of Unicycling so might as well feed off that a bit at the start, before describing and showing other experiences.

I rekon you should have “Entry of the gladiators” (? is that what its called?) playing whilst people are trying to freemount.

As a unicyclist i would find that hilarious!

Rock on!

Edd its “Enter the gladiator”, i think

i would also find this ammusing


Have jousting too. That would be funny.