MN Muni and NAUCC X-Country Course

Quit my job yesterday, went riding for four hours. :slight_smile: Doing the same today (well, minus the quiting the job part cause I already did that…)

Nothing spectacular in here, still pretty new, been riding almost 1.5 years. Getting a bit better though!

This second one is kinda boring, even by my standards! But it is shot on the cross-country course from NAUCC 2008. This isn’t a vid of the race, just a short one of me riding on that course.

Nice! that course was my first muni race, it doesn’t look too technical but it is especially you’re flying down it at over 10 mph!

edit: (I subscribed)

Great video.

We havent been able to make any of the Tuesday rides at Lebanon due to my work schedule. We have been doing some Friday rides at Theo Werth.

Thanks for posting the videos.

I am sure I saw you at NAUCC, but I have no idea who you are.

Yeah, that was a fun course. I think Forrest won that event. He was really moving when I saw him about half way down. I was just a spectator for that race.

Mostly on Tuesdays its been Andy, Joe, Bob, and myself. I love riding at Theo also, may see ya over there sometime.

I’m not too sure who you are either… :slight_smile:

Don’t pre-empt your videos by saying they are boring. I actually liked the second one.

The music in both of those I first heard in ROAM, a really good mtb vid, and the segment for the first song had Steve Peat doing really high speed single track. Watching ROAM all those times ruined the experience of your vid for me.

I enjoyed the second vid better because you never stopped and always kept at least a moderate pase.

Yeah, point taken Lewis on the “boring” comment.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I have also seen and love watching those ROAM vids, used the music mainly just cause I really enjoy that music. I’m not crazy enough to ever use something like “Careful with that Mic” from Clutch though…