Video from when Mike and Patrick visited before NAUCC. A few of my old clips as well. Enjoy!


Im getting this stupid “stay tuned” message that just won’t go away. :frowning:

That was great! :smiley:

Good vid.

I bet Mike didn’t land that gap from the table to the other table?

Wtf at your footplant gap to tire Max lol.

Without the hops, bit smoother, would a lot better. Footplants are nice and flowy, going to tire like that really kills the flow.

Filming was poo.

I have nothing nice to say :stuck_out_tongue:

(except) Preeeeeeeeeeeeetty gooooood


Excellent video guys! There were sweet lines in there, and Mike tell Patrick he is a beast at trials biking:p

Love the gap at 2:00 and then the drop, you have awsome places for trials.

Well, I was actually trying to taco my wheel in that clip, not actually land it… :smiley:

I’m just not skilled enough to go to the pedals though. not yet at least…

It looks like you try to taco your wheel a lot XD
Mike does aswell lol. You guys should stop that haha.

But nah I did like the trick.

Crazy vid :)!

sweet video… :slight_smile:

I liked it.