i’ve been waiting until after i audition and compete on violin and viola for some summer programs to actually get a unicycle (lack of time and i don’t want to break anything like my fingers), but i have been researching unicycling for quite a while now.

i went into a bike shop with my friend last time we went flatland bmxing, and the shop owner wanted me to get a unicycle with training wheels. i think, because it seems most people don’t take too long to learn to ride, and i wouldn’t want to become dependent on those training wheels, i’m going to skip that route.

i’ve been seriously considering a United tuni. it’s certainly more expensive than a beginner’s uni (and much less expensive than a professional uni), but i usually try to get things that will last a long time. it’s on if you’re interested. it’s the united trials uni with a myata seat . . . i think

one major complaint with that uni is the cranks, so maybe i would have to order it with a different pair

let me know what you think of it

Okay, you’re right in wanting the United trials uni (NOT TUni) They are very good quality and wil last you a long time. If you plan on getting into trials riding, then this is a good choice, however, if you want to get into freestyle uni-ing, (like flatland riding) then a freestyle uni, such as the semcycle XL would be good. My friend has the united uni, and he rode it stock for about 7 months (with bicycle Euro cranks) and then upgrded to profiles.
Hope this helps, oh yeah, and trials is awesome!