MMF 07 Shirts

Did anyone see the 07 MMF shirts? They are up.

Look here!

look nice!

I’ll definantly be getting one.

Looks pretty damn sweet. Too bad I cant go.

Looks awesome… though I’d prefer if they weren’t white. White shirts don’t stay white very long.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. All my white shirts are ruined with stains and dirt. But either way, Im getting one!

Aww I was really hoping they weren’t white, but I guess thats alright. I ordered one aswell.

Is it possible to order it in another colour other then white. Like black?? :thinking:

Awsome, I went ahead and orderd one this year, I haven’t the past two years I’ve gone. I didn’t really care for last year’s design, but this one is fine…

And white is fine with me, I don’t really care I guess…

yeah, last years shirt looked like a guy on a bike.