MMF 07 Ride schedule is up!

Its all up for MMF 07! go here!

Hmm, how come it says:

Saturday, March 24th: Main Riding Day, Porcupine Rim Trail.
9:30 to 11:30 am. Meet Slickrock Trailhead parking for the Challenge Ride Competition. This will be held along sections of the Slickrock Practice Loop trail.
11:30 on, Riders have a choice on continuing on and doing some or all of the 11 mile Slickrock trail proper or meeting later at 1:00 pm at the Fins ‘n Things Trailhead

Is it porcipine rim or not…?

I think it’s Slickrock; Porcupine Rim would require significant shuttling. I’m sure Rolf was going back and forth on what the ride would be; last year he was talking about shuttling up to a new section of Porcupine Rim that would make it all downhill, but he couldn’t get permits for the new section.

I sent mail to Rolf about the discrepancy (which I also noticed).

This looks really awesome, I’m really tempted to go. I was wondering though what airport is closest to it, and how hard it would be to get one’s self to and from the airport?

The closest airport is Grand Junction, Colorado, but it’s a pretty small airport that’s hard to get cheap flights into. Most people fly into Salt Lake City and rent a car (4 hour drive). There should be people open to ride-sharing.

It is really awesome.

Hmm its only a 100 dollar difference, but for the slc its only 8 hours, I guess I will go with SLC, and try and take thursday afternoon off aswell.

I would love to go, the only issue is whether or not I can get our busiest days off, we are rather short staffed right now, so hopefully that will be solved by then.

what’s the Challenge Ride Competition?

Nevermind what I said here. I read it, and am still confused. Is this Challenge ride a Muni ride over hard spots, or like a trials ride over hard spots?

I think that’s up to you. If it’s what I seem to picture, I’m going to try to set up lines that have to be rolled without any hops.

Ill go in Expert if it’s muni lines. But I just want to know if it is. Im getting all exited and posting alot! hehehe